Are We There YET?!

I’m soooo looking forward to Autumn.

It’s too bloody hot here in Northern Nevada…and it was so hard not to hug the tv last night while watching Thursday Night Football to try to feel the rain that was coming down in Philly. It’s not fair.

We’ve been in the Low 100F and High 90sF the past week…supposed to have a cool down on Tuesday to 90F!!! WooHoo!

Ok…done whining about the weather for the day.

Update pics on the backyard garden ~ I’ll be picking the last of the beans this weekend, me thinks. And at least 1/2 of the carrots. Will blanch and freeze ’em.

I’ve been trying really hard not to pick anymore peppers until they’ve changed colors. Those long skinny ones, that I had no clue as to what they were (I figured they were Serranos on steroids), are Cayennes! Ohhhh…that’s why they are so scrumptious in my Pico de Gallo! Definitely will plant those again next year.

Cayenne Peppers! SOOOO Yummmie!

Sweet Italian Peppers

Very cool looking Miniature Caribbean Habenaro Reds ~ bet they aren’t too cool to bite into though. 🙂

I’ve been picking cucumbers like crazy lately.

Corn is all off the stocks, except for one stock of corn that grew somewhere else in the yard…probably thanks to a bird pooping. It has about 4 ears that are almost ready to pick. The rest of the stocks I’ll be leaving in the ground until it’s time to decorate for fall. I love tying a bunch of them up to the cedar trees out front.

Have to figure out what to do with all my green onions ~ will be bringing some into work as there is interest in them from a few people.

Squash gone wild!

The moon last night ~ guess I should have gotten the tripod out, but I was lazy.

Soap I made, and named it after the moon ~ Sea of Tranquility ~ it is scented by essential oils of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Rosemary and a little bit of Peppermint. Very relaxing smell. But I must say it drives me absolutely bonkers, as it is curing under the Spiced Chocolate Caffee soap on top of the frig…and every time I walk by I get a whif of Chocolate Mint. ACK!

This is Mad Max ~ he was a little hot…wasn’t happy about getting his picture taken…Grumpy Ole Man.

Was craving popped corn last night…and not the microwave crap…the real thing. Got everything out to make it and then came to the realization of what a HORRIBLE MISTAKE I made in choosing my stove! I bought the ceramic stove top oven! You can’t make popped corn on that type of surface! So out came my hot plate that I melt soy wax on…Thank Goodness I had that!

Playing with the camera modes last night…the lighting was too low for the first picture, but I like it anyhoo.

And last, but definitely not least in my book ~ one of my lovelies ~ My Precious!

Ok…one more bitch session about the junipers! We are down to TWO juniper stumps that we are having a Dickens of a Time getting out. Big sigh. Why are they allowed to plant those bloody things?! They should be outlawed! I’m ready to pour gas on them and flick a match in their direction…invite the neighborhood over for a weenie roast.

LOL! Ya see that orange cone next to the BENT sign post? That was our neighbor across the street backing his boat out…he did the same thing to the other post on his side of the street. Looks like he hasn’t been doing that well driving lately, as the front end of his truck is smooshed somewhat!


Am quite distressed with the lack of tomatoes in the area at the moment…and all I have right now are tomato blossoms with ONE wee tomato between the lot of them! Big sigh. Next month I should have a nice crop of tomatoes though.

Here are some pictures of the backyard garden that I took after watering last night ~ the peppers, carrots, radishes, green onions, zucs, mexican grey squash, yellow squash, pumpkins, snap peas, bush beans, black beans, cucumbers, spinach, romaine, basil, thyme and even the tomatoes are all growing nicely. The corn out front (ran out of room in the back so I planted them just on the other side of the fence) is about 8″ high now.

The Sparks Hometown Farmer's Market on B Street (Yes…been here long enough to call it B Street instead of Victorian…just can’t shake it) starts tomorrow. Which means I have to remember to put out the orange cones out front of my house before I leave for work.

Sparks Farmer’s Market Weekly Themes:

June 12 ~ Market Kick-Off
June 19 ~ Let the Rodeo Begin – Steer-up Rodeo Week
June 26 ~ Mumbo, Gumbo – Southern Cooking
July 3 ~ Red, White, Blue…and Green?! Independence Day Picnic
July 10 ~ Forever Italy
July 17 ~ Family First
July 24 ~ Buy Fresh, Buy Local, Buy Nevada
July 31 ~ Hot Nights, Hot Rods – Hot August Nights Tribute
Aug 14 ~ A Food Fiesta
Aug 21 ~ Bone up for Ribs, Get ready for the Annual Rib Cook-Off

If you can’t stand all the people at that big one on Thursday nights…there is a real nice small Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays at the Sparks United Methodist Church on the corner of Pyramid & Oddie. I think it runs from 8am to 1pm and it goes through September 16th. I head over there during lunch some weeks.