Sights while geocaching around town

Spent yesterday geocaching around UNR and Spanish Springs, just wanted to share a few of the non-geocaching photographs I took.

Just click on the photographs to enlarge them.

Basque Monument and downtown Reno…the day started cold, damp and breezy.  My fingers and nose were cold for the first five geocaches.

The early morning grey chill opened up to a bright sunny late morning and afternoon!  I headed out to Spanish Springs to collect more geocaches…below are a few sparrows that kept me company along the way.

There’s an old ranch out in Spanish Springs…this is the part that they haven’t turned into a housing development yet…I’m hoping they never do. Great place to walk around with your dogs, bird watch, and geocache!


Sunday Afternoon at Rancho San Rafael Park ~ Basque Side

After church on Sunday my husband loaded up his bike into the truck and I grabbed my camera and off we went to Rancho San Rafael Park…this time we parked on the north side at the Basque monument.

We’ve been having beautiful weather…although a wee bit too warm for me. I was running amuk in cut-off jeans and a t-shirt. I did have a flashback of picking foxtails out of my Springer Spaniels ears and feathers…lots of stickers stuck to my tennies and “cut-off” part of my jeans. The north side of the park is mostly in the brown part of autumn.

Can you tell I like fences?