Show and Tell ~ My First Wire Wrapped Class

Ok…after seeing the pictures up-close, I see some adjustments needed and a few mistakes I made…but all in all, I like it. 🙂

Classes at Mill Street Beads & Rocks, here in Reno, are only $25 AND all the tools and supplies are included. Unfortunetly, they are retiring and closing up shop soon. Anyhoo…there were four stone beads to choose from, I picked a pretty olive green one since we were using copper wire.

Fun! Fun! Fun! I bought a few packets of copper square and half-round 21 gauge to play with it some more.

I’ll be using some liver of sulphur on this pendant to antique the copper…it’s way too bright for me. 🙂

I need to scoochie the wraps closer together and get rid of the black mark.

The front.

The back of the piece.

Here is a piece of petrified wood I’m going to try next! I just don’t know which side to make the front. What do you think? I bought this for $3 up in Chilcoot, CA on our way to Portola after class…it was Train Days (will post pics on Monday).

Which side should be the front?!

New Stitch ~ Twisted Herringbone

Another new stitch down…using Donna’s tutorial of the Twisted Herringbone that she made for me, but shared with the whole world! LOL!

I used 11/0 czech seed beads with Fireline thread.

Loom Beading & French Beaded Flowers

For some reason my brain’s been fried this week…it’s amazing how waking up at 4:30 am, just one hour earlier than usual, mushes my thought patterns.

So I’m going to just post some pictures of my beadies…

I don’t really remember how I got started into beading with wee seed beads (my favorites are still plain ole 11/0 Czech Seed Beads…although 11/0 Delicas are a close second!).  I DO remember is was UPZNDOWNS of ebay that inspired me first with her BEAUTIFUL French beaded flowers. And VISIBLESOUL from Texas…I’d post his links, but he’s in the process of changing servers. I’ll post it later.

African Violet Daffodils Hyacinth Iris sunflowers lilacs columbine mistletoe kissing ball

Then about a year after learning french beaded flowers, I tried my hand at square stitch bead work.

This is my very first square stitch project…the tension was way off! LOL! It was fun learning though.

Square Stitch Beadwork

I was a little intimidated by the Peyote stitch, so when a friend, Judah, posted the tutorial for a BEADED PINCUSHION  (the tutorial is also being changed due to the server, so I linked to her site)…I did it by Square stitch instead! Here is that project ~ Celtic Waves.

Celtic Waves Pincushion

Then I bought a loom! Precious! 🙂 I’ve beaded quite a bit on the loom, but alas ~ have not taken all that many pictures! Patooey.

This is my very first loom project ~ a Celtic Knot book mark. My husband uses this in his Bible.

Celtic Knot Book Mark

A Celtic Cross ~ shown without the frame it’s in now. Here is a link to the eBay seller that I bought this pattern from ~ Celtic Cross Stitch and Crafts. I have a bunch of the floral tapestries patterns too…they make up wonderfully on the loom.

Celtic Cross bead Loom