Thursday’s Ramblings on Gardens, Sunrises, and Dark Chocolate!

Just some ramblings for Thursday…nothing concrete, not that I’m concrete on any other day! 🙂

Sunrise (taken through my office window yesterday morning) ~

Sunrise, this morning!

I picked my first corn a couple of days ago! OMGOSH! So good! And I cut up the cucumbers with some red onion and poured apple cider vinegar over them. I just love cucs that way.

I decided to try Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups ~ I love Reese’s Cups but wanted to try Newman’s dark chocolate ones. I’ve heard good and bad about them.

Well…they were NOT awful, very edible. The peanut butter centers were more powdery/chalky solid than Reese’s. Chocolate was pretty good. All in all, I’d eat them again. Wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them, but wouldn’t turn one down either.

Also wanted to try Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa content…

those that said Newman’s was AWFUL said they liked Green & Black’s chocolate better. Not sure what drugs they were on…but it must had made them highly delusional! Holy Cow! That was a piece of crap! I had to rinse my mouth out. ACK! I absolutely love dark chocolate…so I took a big ole bite of the bar…BIG MISTAKE! Ugh. Most definitely will never buy that chocolate again.

My chocolate search continues…

Have to get another pumpking shot in…this is my baby one. I can’t wait until October!

We found these eggs in the junipers we tore out of the yard…maybe some scrub jay eggs? There didn’t seem to be much in them. I think they were duds. They’re very pretty. Like someone painted them with brown watercolours!

Leaving you with a pretty flower from Rancho San Rafael ~