Day at Trego Hot Springs, Black Rock Desert ~ Nevada

FINALLY! Saturday we finally made it back up to the Black Rock…we’ve been wanting to get up there before the snow flies, seems something always came up.

Drove up Pyramid Lake Highway and then took a right once got to Pyramid Lake heading towards Nixon.

I wanted to keep going north and go through the Smoke Creek, but alas…for some odd reason I don’t always get my way! 😦 That’s ok, because then I wouldn’t have seen the Truckee at Nixon ~

Nor gotten pics (digital this time…I’ve lots of film pictures) of the petroglyphs on the Winnemucca Lake side half way between Nixon and Gerlach ~

We stopped off at a “storage unit” garage sale in Empire…my husband can’t pass a yard sale…then headed on through Gerlach to Planet X. I was going to get an angel ornament, but saw a froggie while paying and changed my mind. I get something everytime we’re up there…usually from the seconds shelf.

Then back through Gerlach towards Empire to catch the BLM road to Winnemucca…Trego Hot Springs is on the way. The water was great…weather was warm too. Last time we were there it snowed. Two trains passed. Only had two other people there the whole day and they didn’t show up until 4pm…ended up that she knew my FIL, went to high school together! It’s a small world! I hiked around while my husband rode his bike. Played cribbage, frisbee, soaked in the hot springs.

Then sped across the playa to Bruno's in Gerlach…we didn’t get the ravioli’s instead we had fried chicken and spaghetti (we shared our meals). I wish I had pictures of the moonless night to share with you. Had to pull-over between Gerlach and Nixon for a “pit stop” 😀 and just happened to look up…Oh My Gosh! I haven’t seen that many stars in a long time. The Milky Way was so thick it looked like someone just painted the sky with white. The Big Dipper was sitting low…shooting stars everywhere. Big sigh. We pulled the tailgate down and just sat for 1/2 hour watching the sky.

For Today ~ 27 October 2008 ~ The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 27 October 2008

Outside My Window… A clear sunny day with high clouds…going to almost hit 80F today. Construction workers. Students.

I am thinking… My head hurts…the sinus’ are killing me! Stupid blooming Rabbit bush ~ ACK!

I am thankful for… Benadryl and Mucinex.

From the kitchen… Will be a take-n-bake pizza as I have to make Turkey Pumpkin Chili for our potluck here at work tomorrow.

I am wearing…tan crop pants, berks, brown linen tank, a sweater, and hair in a ponytail.

I am creating… I’m finishing up the binding on the pinwheel quilt.

I am going… my mind hurts…not sure where I’m going or going to do. 😦

I am reading… I haven’t been reading the last few nights, been quilting.

I am hoping… that my husband can find another temp job as the one he’s had for the last 2 months ends this week.

I am hearing… my co-workers computer…she has Rob, Arnie and Dawn on. Phones ringing next door. People out in the hallway. The air-duct system on the roof is very loud.

Around the house… it’s clean. I cleaned yesterday. And rearranged the master bedroom/craft room.

One of my favorite things… a head that doesn’t hurt. Christmas music. Quilting. Scrub Jays telling me that I didn’t give them enough goobers. A moonless night with stars as far as the eye can see…boy that Milky Way was something on Saturday night!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… more quilting. Not sure what I’ll do on Nevada Day this Friday…

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…Pictures from our Saturday trip to Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert.

Taken on the way into Planet X Pottery ~ 🙂

The reason for my killer sinus’ ~

UPRR train, on old Western Pacific Rail tracks, going by Trego Hot Springs on it’s way to Gerlach and beyond…


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Happy Goat made it into the Reno Gazette Journal!

The picture I took of the happy goat at Ferrari Farms made it into the Sparks Neighborhood section of today’s Reno Gazette-Journal. Cool. I’ve yet to see it, but my mom called to tell me about it. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend ~ we’ve a slight change of plans for the weekend. Instead of heading to Placerville and Apple Hill…we’re headed north to Black Rock Desert and the Smoke Creek Desert. Will visit Planet X Pottery and then head over to Trego Hot Springs and then will probably have Raviolis at Bruno's, in Gerlach, for dinner. Gotta make sure both set of camera batteries are charged and ready to go. I love taking pictures up there.

Veggies on the Vine & Life from a Park Bench

I’ve veggies growing! Still only one tomato about the size of a marble (but lots of blossoms) ~ found a squash last night (and lots of blossoms) ~ peas & peppers are blooming ~ corn is a’growing tall ~ had the first of the spinach and romaine last night for dinner with some radishes too. Now I must wait…impatiently I may add…for the rest to grow-up. LOL!

We have 2 doves that must have a nest in the back yard somewhere…they come down to the garden after I water it every evening. And I saw a young Scrub Jay back there too with some goobers.

After dinner, not wanting to watch the news, I went out front with my camera and plopped down on the bench to watch the world go by. It was Farmer’s Market night so there was a lot of traffic both foot and car-wise. But I was more interested in the young Robin following his mama around the yard. He was definitely having a “bad hair day”…too cute for words, so here he is ~

Copper kitty and quail way out front ~

The church steeple next door ~

A David Austin, The Squire, rose…

The Memorial Cairn I made for my obsidian rock (that I had for 22 years of my life) that some bloody arse stole from the yard.

Had my tootsies up…seems I’ve already developed my summer icky feet. 🙂 I hate wearing socks, so if I’m not going on a hike I wear Berks or go bare-footed.

Now…wasn’t that an exciting evening in Sparks?! LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend…not really sure what we have planned other than yard sales.

One of our upcoming seminar speakers is “into” rockets and told me about launchings up at the Black Rock. It looks like AEROPAC has a launch this weekend. Really not sure if you have to pay to watch…I’d probably just take my binoculars with me, then head on over to Trego Hot Springs for the rest of the day.

June 19 Mudrock Setup Day – meeting at Bruno’s @ 1:00 before heading out to the launch site

June 20 Mudrock Research Launch – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Note: During Research Launches spectators must stay clear of the launch pads and any area where people are prepping research rockets and or motors.
$30 per person attending

June 21, 22 Mudrock – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Club Meeting after day launch closes
Saturday Night launch with 7,500ft MSL (4,000 ft AGL) waiver, J motors and under. All HPR rockets must carry visible strobes.
Please sign up for launch duty.
$30 per person to launch
$5 per day for everyone else