Which Super-Macro/Close-Up Lens to get?!

Big sigh…

I’m looking at the Raynox's Super-Macro/Close-Up Lens for my Canon PowerShot S2-IS camera. I'm not ready to invest in a couple of hundred dollars for a dedicated Super-Macro lens so looking at the Raynox MSN-202, DCR-250 and the MSN-505.

I’m leaning towards the DCR-250 ~ but was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the subject?!

29 MAY 2008 UPDATE: I think I’ll be buying the DCR-250, as my sister is getting the MSN-202 ~ we have the same camera so if need be, I can play with her lens.

Also, my order with NWV Direct sorta went wonky. But I think after my call with Maurice this afternoon, he turned things around. I had ordered the Canon LAH-DC20 Lens Adapter & Hood, the TC-DC58B Teleconverter, and the 500D Close-up Lens. Then was called yesterday to tell me that the Close-Up lens was on B/O…so I told them to cancel that part and send the rest. THEN I just found out that the whole order is on back-order! Good Grief!

So now that whole order has been scraped and am getting an Olympus High Grade 1.7x Teleconverter Lens (for $100 less than listed) with a step down ring & Adapter Tube for Canon S2-IS. Maurice has the Canon S5-IS and that is the lens he uses. I have my fingers crossed.

This Weekend’s El Rancho Swap Meet Finds

We took it nice and easy on Sunday ~ washed two cars, went to the swap meet, took a nap and went out to dinner.

Both my husband and I found a treasure for ourselves! I actually found quite a few treasures, but only bought one.

Mine is a No. 2-C Autographic Kodak, Jr. 13458 camera! Made by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. It has two patent dates, Jan. 18, 1910 and Jan. 7, 1913.

I found my husband’s treasure…but he soon took it from me to examine it for 15 minutes, put it down, came back to look at it, left the swap meet altoghther, turned the truck around and went back in, bought it. LOL!

A 1930’s Commodore Vanderbilt New York Central Lines train engine.

We both came away from the El Rancho Swap Meet very happy.