2010 Garden Is FINALLY In! :)

I had to hold off on planting my garden this year due to a very cold and wet May…we were still having snow. Sheesh.

Today was 88F and very humid…29% humidity! You all in the south, just hush your mouth! That’s humid for us!

From the looks of it…most of my garden will make great Italian sauces! 🙂

In the first box I planted:

Brandywine Tomato
Black Prince – a Russian Heirloom
two types of garlic (planted last month)
Greek Oregano
Orange Bell Pepper
Sweet Basil
Flatleaf Italian Parsley

Second Box I planted:

2 Roma Tomatoes
Red Bell Pepper
German Thyme
Cayenne Pepper
Italian Flatleaf Parsley
2 Sweet Basils
Yellow Sweet Onions (planted 1 week ago)

In the Third Box I planted:

7 Yukon Potatoes (planted 2 weeks ago)
5 Purple Potatoes (planted 2 weeks ago)
Flatleaf Italian Parsley
2 Straightneck Squash (planted 1 week ago)

You can see the Rosemary I planted in a pot that I found in the trash the other day.

Here’s a closeup of the potatoes….

I still want to get two tomatillos, two cucumbers, one dill , and one green chile…those will go into containers.

Chili Peppers ~ I’ve Met My Match in the Cayenne

Scoville Chili Pepper Heat Chart

Well…after working out in the yard last night I decided to pick some of the Sweet Italian Peppers and roast them ~ freeze them so I can make up some sauces at a later date. (The sprinklers came on, otherwise I never would have left the yard to play with the peppers)

Sweet Italian Peppers ~ Green here…but picked them when they were Red and Yellowish.

I roasted six (6) of them ~ nice big plump peppers. The house still smelled yummy this morning.

Then I cut up a nice bright red one of these ~ Cayenne Peppers.

My plan is to make some salsa this weekend so I just chopped that beautiful red pepper up and stuck it in the freezer with the rest of the peppers. I scraped the seeds so I can dry them and plant them next spring.

I’ve never had a problem with cutting peppers and hurting myself afterwards…Jalapenos, New Mexican, Serranos…never once have I cut them up and burn my nose and mouth. Holy Toledo! The tip of my nose is still warm! It’s a good thing I don’t pick my nose! I’d have cauterized the insides for sure! My lips are still a bit tingly. LOL! Big Sigh.

Needless to say ~ I’ve gone up to one of the labs here at work and asked for some gloves. Because I have more Cayenne peppers and these wee beauties, Miniature Caribbean Red Habaneros ~ which rank on the Scoville Scale near OUCH ~ WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!