The Little Things That Make Me Happy ~ November

Sorta been down in the dumps this week…lots of things coming at me from all angles, just want to go home and hunker down.

Between husband’s lack of a job, bills to pay, the woe-is-me dramatics goings-on in one of my groups that I’m a leader of (and don’t want to be anymore), lack of sunshine for long period of time, trying to see if we could foot a very small weekend trip to Monterey (have two tickets to the aquarium but not sure we can afford to spend the night), blah, blah, blah…

So once again, I need an attitude adjustment…Things that make me happy ~

A while back I bought a bunch of wool and bamboo yarn then sent it to my friend Sharon to make socks in her own time…I washed them all last night and put them on the bedroom’s steam radiator heater. I think of her everytime I have nice warm tootsies! 🙂 She’s an awesome lady!

Old quilt blocks that need me! My mom still gets together with the Washoe Valley Ladies (homemaker’s group of some sort! LOL!…I think all they did was get together once a month to eat, drink, talk about the kids, husbands, and drink some more ~ Hee!) and one of them dropped off bags and bags and bags of fabric. These 20 Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks, with extra 1930’s & 1940’s fabrics, was part of that. I’m going to continue with the hand-piecing of them.

Meadowlarks…I love Meadowlarks, especially in Wyoming.

Family…my niece and nephew with their wee cousin.

A sampler of Sierra Nevada Ales ~ yum. That Chico IPA was delish! 😀

Rays at Monterey…and I want to pet them again, very calming and makes me smile.