Friday Rant ~ your bad habit in my yard


I’m allergic to the stupid things. My eyes water. I can’t breathe. I cough. My head starts to hurt.

Yes, I know…it’s a free country and folks are allowed to smoke. It’s their “right”.

I understand that.

I move away from the smoker.

I fan my hand.

I blow it back at you.

What I really want to do is shove that lit dirty piece of crap up your nose, I don’t care if you’re my friend out not!

See that delightful pile of cigarette butts?

I collected those in MY YARD and DRIVEWAY yesterday. ALL OF THEM! That’s less than ONE WEEK’S worth! I collect that amount or more EVERY WEEK!

Over the fence in my yard.

In my flowers.

In my bushes.

On my driveway.

Near my front door.

The guilty arseholes? VA HOSPITAL WORKERS ON BREAK…they take their walks around the neighborhood and flick their stinking “rights” into my yard!

NOTE: Took out an angry part that I directed towards the hospital, when I know it’s the individual that deserves my anger. I apologize.