Double Irish Chain Quilt ~ Fundraiser for NNGH

My sister, who is a member of the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters , asked me if I had a quilt that I would donate for their group fundraiser.

Since they are holding a fundraiser for the historic Fourth Ward School up in Virginia City on Halloween, October 31st, I decided to make an Irish Chain quilt with reproduction fabrics from part of the school’s time period.


RAFFLE TICKETS are 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00. You can contact them at

Double Irish Chain with 1840-1880 reproduction fabrics.  Raffle quilt for NNGH

Double Irish Chain with 1840-1880 reproduction fabrics. Raffle quilt for NNGH

You can also buy raffle tickets at a fundraiser they are holding for the Palomino Valley Pet Rescue on October 26th from 10am-5pm being held at ANIMAL OASIS RENO, at 1855 East Peckham Lane. There will be a bounce house, popcorn, drinks, low cost vaccinations, $10 doggie baths, and more.

Fabric Friday ~ My Stash Wish List

Was flipping through the new Connecting Threads catalog last night and thought I’d share with you my IF I HAD SOME EXTRA MONEY HERE’S WHAT I WANT TO BUY fabric…big sigh.

Root of the Madder

The Madder plant’s roots have been used for centuries to dye textiles warm reddish-brown hues. Clear blue was a popular accent color in the 19th century madder prints, as it complements the earth tones nicely, allowing their richness to really come through. We reproduced post-Civil War era ditsy motifs to maintain the historic feel of our madder group and added coordinating solids to calm the busy ditsies. Because of the small scale of the prints, this collection is an excellent choice for scrappy quilts.

The rest of the samples are from the Fat Quarter Shop: