Pinwheel Quilt Progress…more Orange Fabric

Just an update on the Connecting Threads Pinwheel quilt that my friend, April and I are making in a ‘quilt-along’.

I have column one sewn to two and column three sewn to four…tonight I’ll sew those together and work my way to the right. 🙂

I think I am finished with collecting orange fabric for THIS QUILT , from Cluck.Cluck.Sew.~ but one never knows for sure. These are the last ones I collected:

Creeping Crud Friday…

Big sigh. Me thinks that creeping crud that I’ve been fighting off for the last month has finally won. My chest is very tight, sorta hard to breathe, and the cough is worst. Patooey.

Nothing much happening here at the hollow…still have boxes all over the house waiting to be unpacked.

Thought I’d share a few things that has caught my eye online and in catalogs that I’ve found.

In our old house there was a funky storage under the staircase that we stuffed plastic bags from the stores. We used them for cleaning the cat litter, put lunches in, and whatnot. Don’t have that in our new house…may have to make something like these:

BAG LADIES (from Connecting Threads)…very cute indeed!

MOON BEAM CLOCK from l.l.bean found on page 35 of the Spring 2010 catalog. I love it! It comes in five colors, the pale green being my favorite.

Also in the same catalog (but unable to find a picture of the room…and my camera is sitting at home right now) on page 9. I absolutely love the Seedling Polka-Dot Chenille bedspread with the light lemon Sunwashed Cotton blanket and the Seedling Striped sheets with lemon & seedling pillow cases. So CITRUSY! Makes me want to BREATH DEEP (iff’en I could without coughing)! Makes me want to jump on the bed!

I received a catalog called Acres U.S.A. the other day…it’s a 2010 Book Catalog. Says it’s a family-owned business that’s been a leading voice for organic farming and living for almost 40 years.

I really liked the Gardening and the Homesteading sections.

At one of the after Christmas sales I picked up a box of Celestial Herbal Tea for .50 ~ Gingerbread Spice. I’ve been drinking lots of it with some honey lately. Very tasty and makes my chest feel a bit better!

One of the faculty here at work is on the mailing list to Sundance (as in Robert Redford)…I love the catalog and the jewelry in the magazine. Can never afford it, but I like looking none-the-less.

And last but not least…BRING BACK JOHNNY!

Cheep Talk ~ new Fabric Collection from Connecting Threads

It’s not often that I fall head over heels in love with a whole fabric line…but I just received my copy of the new Connecting Threads catalog and look what was on the front cover.


CHEEP TALK…100% super combed cotton grown in the U.S. – 45″wide.

I’m definitely going to be buying some fabric in this line! It makes me smile.

Here are some more of the quilt kits that they made up….the Flying Geese pattern is one of my favorites, I like to add it into a lot of my quilts.




Fabric Friday ~ My Stash Wish List

Was flipping through the new Connecting Threads catalog last night and thought I’d share with you my IF I HAD SOME EXTRA MONEY HERE’S WHAT I WANT TO BUY fabric…big sigh.

Root of the Madder

The Madder plant’s roots have been used for centuries to dye textiles warm reddish-brown hues. Clear blue was a popular accent color in the 19th century madder prints, as it complements the earth tones nicely, allowing their richness to really come through. We reproduced post-Civil War era ditsy motifs to maintain the historic feel of our madder group and added coordinating solids to calm the busy ditsies. Because of the small scale of the prints, this collection is an excellent choice for scrappy quilts.

The rest of the samples are from the Fat Quarter Shop: