Part of the Garden is in ~ cool crops 2012

Over the weekend I turned over half of my garden, that sits behind the garage, with manure and blood meal. I’ve been itching to play in the dirt for a while now. 🙂 Here in Northern Nevada we have “unsettled weather” through the end of May…so it’s only safe to plant the cool weather crops right now.

Part of the seeds!

I planted Sugar Snap peas on one side of a trellis and will plant some more this weekend on the other side. In front of the peas I planted some Easter egg radishes and Scarlet Nantes carrots.

Sugar Snap Peas, Scarlet Nantes Carrots and Easter Egg Radishes.

The left side of the garden I planted Heirloom beets, yellow onions, radishes, and two types of garlic ~ Early Italian purple artichoke and Silverskin Italian Late.

Heirloom beets, radishes, yellow onions and two type of garlic.

In two barrels that the previous owners left behind I planted red onions and Island Sunshine potatoes.

Red Onions in a barrel.

The middle part of the garden will house peppers, pole beans, dill and cucumbers, and eggplant (I’m an adult…I should give eggplant another try! LOL!). I’m going to plant the squash and pumpkins on the side of the house. I have a pallet that will be an herb garden.

I’ll probably get a barrel from Lowes (they have some from Jack Daniels)…between that and other containers that would take care of the tomatoes.


A lot of the trees in my neighborhood have been blossoming…and then the winds blew them all away! Luckily our pear tree hasn’t come out yet…but it will soon! 🙂

Soon to be Pear Blossoms!


While watering the front yard I spied something that I totally forgot I planted! Peonies from my Grandma’s yard in Nebraska (dug up before she died).

Grandma's Peonies.

Also some tulips that one of my faculty gave me from work.


Gardening Supplies ~ Cool Finds

I’m taking a small break from training here at work and was looking at a email sent by The Gardener's Supply Comany online magazine…just thought I’d share a few good ideas and some items I find interesting.

In their last email they have an article on growing a Kitchen Garden in containers by Kathy LaLiberte HOW TO GROW A KITCHEN GARDEN IN CONTAINERS

Best Vegetables for Containers

Potatoes, chard, lettuce, cherry and bush tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, summer squash, Asian greens, pole beans. And don’t forget herbs!

Planting Depth

Here are the minimum soil depths for healthy growth. Keep in mind that you can get by with less depth if you use a Self-Watering Planter.

4-5 inches: chives, lettuce, radishes, other salad greens, basil, coriander
6-7 inches: bush beans, garlic, kohlrabi, onions, Asian greens, peas, mint, thyme
8-9 inches: pole beans, carrots, chard, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, leeks, peppers, spinach, parsley, rosemary
10-12 inches: beets, broccoli, okra, potatoes, sweet corn, summer squash, dill, lemongrass

More useful articles by Kathy LaLiberte, THE INNOVATIVE GARDENER ~ lots of different articles in the following catagories: Spring Gardening, Backyard Habitat, Flower Gardening, Vegatable Gardening, Composting & Soil, Container Gardening, and Weather Protection


BIODEGRADABLE COWPOTS…these transplant pots are made by two dairy farmers in Connecticut…they were trying to figure out an environmentally responsible way to dispose of cow manure. (I’m pretty sure I saw this on DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe!!!!)

Completely biodegradable pots transplant directly into garden
Add nutrients to the soil as they degrade
Larger size pot for robust transplants
Roots grow through and take natural fertilizer with them
Eliminates transplant shock
Two sizes, both sold in sets of 12

**** Hee! I was right ~ Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs DID do a segment on the Cowpots! HERE IT IS!…I just love Mike.


BIOBAG Composting Pail Liners ~ they are made of 100% biodegradable cornstarch, so you can toss the whole thing into your compost bin.


This is a neat bee house ~ MASON BEE HOUSE…here are the instructions on using the house. I guess they aren’t like honey bees in that they don’t use a hive. I’m not even sure if there are those type of bees in the Sparks, NV area…but I do have lots of bees in my yard, as I have Russian Sage and Lavender all over. When I’m weeding near the lavender they always keep me company…not once have I ever been stung and there would be 20 of them flying around me.

****Info I found on Orchard Mason Bees from the Washington State University site. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember seeing a wee blue bee in my yard.

Ok…I have to get back to work now. 😦

Happy Dance! My Backyard Raised Garden Beds are FINISHED!

Big sigh ~ resting my biceps and hoping the 12+ bruises on my legs will heal fast…but it’s all worth it! My backyard raised garden beds are FINISHED! We finished on Saturday ~ and just in the nick of time as a weather front moved in that night and brought winds. Next weekend is supposed to be in the 90’s!

Get set for lots of pictures ~

Here is what 3 cubic yards of double mix soil and 3 cubic yards of decomposed granite looks like sitting outside our property in the alley. We had to haul it from along the front of the house to the side and out back.

As stated in the early post ~ I went to Oxborrow Trucking & Landscaping in Reno to order my dirt and d.g. Got the call at 1:15 pm that the driver will be there in 20 minutes…shut everything down at work and left to meet him. The driver was out front when I got home…had the dirt dumped in no-time flat, very friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area! By 5 pm my husband and I filled up the two beds and the first layer of d.g. around the beds.

Just a note ~ 3 cubic yards filled up the 5’x12’x12″ box and the 6’x6’x12″ box perfectly!

Saturday we finished laying the d.g. down in back and the front yard; laid stepping stones between boxes (they were all over the front yard when we bought the house); had the 3 Stooges (my FIL and his two friends) put in a new auto-watering control box; planted marigolds in the garden boxes; planted the veggies; bbq’d out in our new reclaimed backyard! There is still snow on Peavine so I may wait until the end of May to plant my tomatos.

Here’s the front yard ~