I received my David Austin Handbook of Roses 2009!

If you heard a bunch of loud OMGoshes and pure moans of joy from Sparks, Nevada last night…that was me! I received the new David Austin Handbook of Roses 2009 catalog in the mail yesterday. I’m all Ah’Giddy just thinking about the roses I want to plant. The English Old Rose Hybrids are just too pretty for words. If I get any money for Christmas ~ I know exactly what I want to buy for the front yard! 😀

Harlow Carr

Claire Austin ~ English Musk Hybrid ~ with 120 petals! She’s beautiful! The flowers of Claire Austin start a very pleasing soft yellow which quickly fades to creamy-white. It has a very strong fragrance based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope.

Port Sunlight ~ English Musk Hybrid ~ with 90 petals. The rich apricot colored petals are arranged to form slightly quartered rosettes. Strong rich tea fragrance.

Gentle Hermione ~ Old Rose Hybrid ~ 90 petals ~ This variety bears some of the most perfectly formed flowers of true Old Rose character. The color is true pink, paling to soft blush towards the outside. A strong, warm, classic Old Rose scent with a hint of myrrh.

Lady Of Megginch ~ Old Rose Hybrid ~ 100 petals ~ The color is a very rich, deep pink; slightly tinged with deep orange at first and then changing to a deep rose pink. There is a good, fruity Old Rose fragrance with a definite hint of raspberry.

The Lichfield Angel, Strawberry Hill, Tea Clipper,

A Shropshire Lad

Benjamin Britten, Carding Mill, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Charolette, Crocus Rose,

Crown Princess Margareta

Falstaff, Evelyn, Eglantyne, Glamis Castle, Graham Thomas, James Galway, Harlow Carr, Heritage, Molineux, Queen of Sweden, Spirit of Freedom,

Teasing Georgia

The Alnwick Rose

Winchester Cathedral, William Shakespeare 2000……..I could keep going until I copied his whole book.

You can buy 4 plants for a special price, I’ll have a hell of a time trying to narrow my choices down. ACK!

Front & Back Yard Gardening ~ Roses are in!

I took yesterday off work to work in my yard…wanted to finish up the front side-yard and my FIL came over to help me ro-do the raised garden beds.

THE ROSES ~ almost didn’t get my English Roses! G&G Nursery had a run on them over the weekend and there were only two Hansa’s left and a few David Austin Roses.

I bought a Weeks Roses Hansa ~ bred in 1905. Medium-tall/bushy round shrub that is suitable for growing in pots and hedges. Tolerant of poorer soils. Ornamental value of hips/large fruit. Very fragrant ~ spicy cloves. Large, full reddish-violet blooms. Very hardy and disease free.

In the ground ~ and a stock photo.

The Squire ~ a David Austin English Rose. The large double blooms of this rose are a deep rich dard red. The attractive strong fragrance of this wonderful cutting rose is a welcome addtion to your garden or bouquets. These roses are a wonderful combination of old world charm and new advancements in rose culture. They will help create a wonderful English Garden feel in your landscape and are excellent for bedding and hedges. Superb border plants.

They look great! Can’t wait for them to grow, grow, GROW! I did a jig out there on the lawn after mulching and watering! 😆

Now onto backyard ~ I decided to take the top boards off of the raised bed as it was just way too deep. My FIL came over yesterday morning and we whacked the crap out the top boards (5 nails each side into a treated 4×4 ~ OY!)…took us a while but we were able to pry them off. We then made a 6×6 box and a small 18″x18″ for a tomato box. We left a nice walk way in between the raised garden beds and will put DG around the beds. Now I have to call Oxborrow and order the double or triple mix of topsoil/grape compost/organic lite.

Now the beds are 5’x12’x1′ and 6’x6’x1′ ~ Soon to be planted ~ tomatoes, peppers, sugar peas, bush beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, pumpkin, lettuce. Near the corn I’m going to plant a couple of rhubarb plants and maybe some asparagus.