For Today ~ 14 March 2013 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 14 March 2013

Outside My Window… High grey clouds, birds on an empty bird feeder, huge (10′ high 30′ wide) pile of mulch.

I am thinking… a certain vindictive family member really needs to reflect on who it is that actually has the anger problem.

I am thankful for… once again and always…my friend April.

From the kitchen… I steamed artichokes last night…not really sure what I’ll make tonight.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, olive green cotton shirt.

I am creating… I have all 30 blocks of my Denyse Schmidt quilt finished and 20 of them are sewn together (top four rows). I have two more rows to add before the quilt top is complete.

Top four rows all sewn together...have 10 more blocks to sew together into rows.

Top four rows all sewn together…have 10 more blocks to sew together into rows.

I am going… dig through a few more of my craft books and put them up onto ebay.

I am reading… All Roads Lead to Austen: A Year-long Journey with Jane by Amy Smith…still reading this. Up to chapter nine now…am enjoying this read.

I am hoping… that the neighbor who left on Monday morning comes home soon. He left his alarm on so it comes on EVERY MORNING at 3am and doesn’t go off until 4:15am.

I am hearing… the traffic outside. Train going by.

Around the house… the trees are starting to bud out. We set a record high yesterday (77F).

One of my favorite things… Pretty fabric. New music. Old books. Good friends.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Keep on quilting. St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Truckee River in the McCarran Ranch Preserve.

Truckee River in the McCarran Ranch Preserve.

Weekend in Photographs ~ Garden, Birds, and Bees…Fabric too!

It’s windy, cloudy, and my left sinus is killing me so I thought I’d just post a few photos I took over the weekend.

A few Denyse Schmidt fabrics in 1/3 yard cuts that I got at Joann's.

Part of my haul from Garden Spot in Sparks...Bee Balm, Dill, Sweet Marjoram, Orange Thyme...Thank you Groupon, $40 for $20!

Tarragon and Chives I planted in one of my old enameled pots. Catnip behind it, Thyme and Oregano to the left, taters in the barrel.

Taters are growing! Taters are growing!

Bee on what I think is an Oregon Grape/Barberry Crystal Peak Park in Verdi, NV.

Bees were loving the pretty yellow flowers! Loading themselves down with pollen!

Goldfinch along the Truckee River at Crystal Peak Park, Verdi, NV.

My Irises are starting to bloom in the front yard.

Fabric Friday ~ 30 March 2012

I’m not sure if there really is a “Fabric Friday”…but there is now! I’m not waiting for “Stash Sunday”!

Lookie what just came in the mail!

My Fat Quarter bundle of Flea Market Fancy (the Legacy reprint) by Denyse Schmidt!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Denyse’s fabrics. All of them. Flea Market Fancy, Hope Valley, Katie Jump Rope, Country Fair, Greenfield Hill.

A big hug to my beautiful friend, April, for giving me a gift certificate to Hawthorne Threads! That FQ bundle only cost me $5.95! 🙂

I have to go pet my fabric now…you all have a great weekend.

Friday’s Rambles ~ 10 February 2012

* Yea! It’s Friday! 🙂 Payday too. Now if only the IRS will hurry up and direct deposit my tax return.

* My tripod I bought off of Amazon FINALLY arrived. After ordering it on 1/31 it left Allentown, PA on 2/2, then it went to Martinsburg, WV for a few days, then to Sacramento, CA for a few more days until heading over the Sierra to Reno where it sat somewhere for 2 days before being delivered yesterday. Sheesh. I now have an AgfaPhoto 72″ Pro Tripod (only $18.99)…looks nice and it’s nice and smooth.

* I’ve finished hand-piecing SIX of the 111 6.5″ blocks of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt. Using Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley fabric.

* I think I’ve found the pattern I’ll use for my Kate Spain’s Terrain ~ Sticks & Bricks (designer Amy Walsh of Blue Underground Studios)…I found it in the current issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. It’s simple and will show off the beautiful designs of Terrain.

* This morning’s moon.

* Book Reviews on Barnes & Noble ~ RANT! Why do they allow idiots to review books? Tell me! What does the following have to do with the book The Snow Child, a novel by Eowyn Ivey?!

2/7/12 Anonymous (5 stars) MUSTAR Just dont let it happen again. * she stalks home *
2/7/12 Anonymous (1 star) WARRIORS Ok….*leaves* Skystar
2/8/12 Anonymous (5 stars) ICEFANG… Hey, yeah it is Snowstar. Do you remember me? I was your mate and leader, I don’t know if I can trust you or not.
2/7/12 Anonymous (5 stars) ICEFANG TO ICEFLAME Thank you… and Fuzzyclaw says thank you for killing the badger.
2/5/12 Anonymous (5 stars) JAYHEART May i join? Im a muscular jet black tom w\ice blue eyes.
2/5/12 Anonymous (5 stars) TO TOM Its tawnypelt and my real name is victoria but call me tori
2/5/12 Anonymous (5 stars) RIVERSONG To tawnypelt: I was here first!! To tom: my name is river song
2/10/12 Anonymous (5 stars) To SNOWSTAR ICEFANG DIED IN BATTLE WITH A DARK CAT. Im so sorry. It was deathstar

And then they should never allow “anonymous” to write a review, if you can’t own up to your own words then don’t say them at all. Also they shouldn’t allow someone to leave a star rating WITHOUT writing a few words down about the book. If you read the bloody book and rated it, then leave something behind.

* Gotta get to work now. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Start of The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

A week or so ago I posted a Wordless Wednesday photograph of the fabrics I decided to use for The Farmer’s Wife quilt…

Farmer's Wife ~ Denyse Schmidt's HOPE VALLEY

I’m using a FQ bundle of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley that I bought from Hawthorne Threads…love that fabric. Love Hawthorne Threads too! Super nice and fastest shipping, ever!

I’ve been putting off the start of making this quilt. Why? I have no clue, just have. Over the holiday I pulled out the paper-piece patterns I had printed off a few months prior and jumped in. I needed a break from quilting and binding.

I follow the pattern, get all the paper torn off, press the block…WTF?! Stupid pattern! It’s backwards! So I threw a hissy fit…put the book back, tucked my pretty fabric back into my stash and returned to quilting and binding.

Book block.

My bass-ackward block.

Speed up to yesterday…So April? You’re hand-piecing your blocks now, right? “Yes”. Hmmmmmm….

Here’s what I got done while on break today. I need to bring in my folding cutting mat/ironing board and that mini clover iron. 🙂

FW Block 2 - Autumn Tints

This quilt will be hand-pieced now. 🙂


Fabric Wish List

Just a few lines of fabric on my Wish List ~ I have more, but thought I’d just showcase three right now. 🙂

Kate Spain’s Terrain   BOUGHT off of Esty.

Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley    BOUGHT from Hawthorne Threads.

Joanna Figueroa’s (Fig Tree & Co.) Butterscotch & Rose that is due out in October.

Camille Roskelley’s (and her mama, Bonnie) RUBY…also due out in October.  BOUGHT!  I actually have a 1/2 yard bundle!