Finally…all moved into the new house

and we picked the hottest weekend in the year to move. Bloody Hell!

Saturday I finished cleaning the old place; yesterday we had our final walk-thru! YEAH. Now I can finally turn my attention to unpacking everything in the new place. We are back near the Truckee River ~ less than a 1/2 block away.

I dug up my tomatoes, peppers, basil, bee balm, oregano, and thyme…put them into pots given to me by my sister’s boss and ones I picked up at yard sales. My tomatillos and rosemary were already in pots. I’m worried for my maters…hopefully they will survive. They were a bit wilty last night and this morning…but I was wilty too after being uprooted and in 100+ heat!

The first window above the rose and plants is the living room window…the second one, above the old wooden ladder is the kitchen. The river (which you can’t see ~ 😛 ) is south…to the right.

Our neighbors to the north of us are an older couple…she’s nice enough, but he sorta creeps me out. From the looks of their porch, I’d say they are probably horders. The window facing our front door was blocked by what looked like a bed’s head board, but yesterday? While sitting on the couch I saw this…

Got up to look out the door…

ACK!!!!! I HATE DOLLS! At least it’s not a CLOWN DOLL! WHY on earth would someone put that facing out towards your new neighbors?! Is there a camera in that thing?! Sheesh.

It’s time for a bamboo shade on that side of our porch!!!!!!