This Weekend’s El Rancho Swap Meet Finds

We took it nice and easy on Sunday ~ washed two cars, went to the swap meet, took a nap and went out to dinner.

Both my husband and I found a treasure for ourselves! I actually found quite a few treasures, but only bought one.

Mine is a No. 2-C Autographic Kodak, Jr. 13458 camera! Made by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. It has two patent dates, Jan. 18, 1910 and Jan. 7, 1913.

I found my husband’s treasure…but he soon took it from me to examine it for 15 minutes, put it down, came back to look at it, left the swap meet altoghther, turned the truck around and went back in, bought it. LOL!

A 1930’s Commodore Vanderbilt New York Central Lines train engine.

We both came away from the El Rancho Swap Meet very happy.

First Weekend in March 2008

And I didn’t do much! 🙂 

March came in with lots of wind and a cold air mass…bloody hell, I getting tired of the wind. 

So after a warm breakfast we headed out to the Elks Club rummage sale at the south end of town.   I love going to their sales ~ there’s this wee old lady who gives you the best deals!  Two new t-shirts, copper mold, books, coffee cup, radio, wall hanging and some more books for $5.

The Physicians Wives had their rummage sale on Saturday too…later in the afternoon I went ~ paid my $2 to get pushed, shoved, run over by baby carriages, and assaulted by rude women, men and children alike.  Never will I set foot in their operation again. 

I got in my car and headed south on Wells to the Four Seasons House…a local antique and gift shop at 628 S. Wells Avenue, Reno 89502…Where Every Day is a Holiday!  I love that place, nice and quiet with lots of vintage and unique items to browse through. Bought 2 more green handled kitchen utensils for my kitchen display, a bottle opener for my husband, and a 1920’s postcard for myself to use someday in an art project.

That evening I started making Feather Tree Ornaments from rummikubs.  I picked up a cd a long time ago with vintage postcards on it…printed out Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July artwork then started making my ornaments.  I have a feather tree at work that I decorate for each holiday.  It has both Easter and St. Patricks on it this month.    I followed Sue’s (Perpetualplum) altered domino tutorial and tweaked to fit what I had on hand. 

Sunday was much cooler than Saturday, had lots of sunshine…and that bloody cold wind. Hit the El Rancho Swap Meet in Sparks. I only found an old wooden fishing bobber to add to my collection while my husband came home with another Dale Earnhardt collectible and a ratchet. LOL! He loves finding tools…even if it meant he had to buy from the guy who beats him to the tools at local yard sales.

And now for something completely different ~

Plate of my homemade whole wheat tortillas ~ made pork tacos last night (Boston butt roast stewed all day long and then pulled and put into ziplocks for pesole, tacos, and bbq sandwiches).

(deleted a bunch of pics…sorry)

Last but not least ~ my Maxie wanting to know when I was going to finish crafting and turn out the lights!