Smokey Sky, Garden Pictures, and an Early Birthday Gift!

Well…it’s summer time! The Truckee Meadows is being socked-in by all the smoke from the wildfires in northern California and the Pyramid Lake area. While I’m wheezing and coughing a bit…it makes for a lovely sunrise. These were taken this morning when I got to work around 5:45 am.

Peas are growing! Pulling pretty colored radishes. And that wee yellow squash doubled in size by the time I got home yesterday…it has a very pretty squash blossom on it now. Will take a picture of that tonight.

I bought a VERY CUTE button bracelet for my niece from a friend on Etsy. And in the box she also sent an early birthday present (mine isn’t until July)! It’s a bracelet I was teasing her about ~ “now that I’m all tanned from working out in the yard that bracelet you made sure would look pretty on me!” 🙂 Sure enough! It’s very pretty! It was wrapped up in a wooden box covered with Detroit Red Wings stickers! HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Donna! You are a sweetie! I hope you sell lots in your etsy store!

Buckbean Beer, Roller Derby, Roses and Recipes

Had a nice slow weekend ~ spent part of Saturday at the Buckbean Brewing Company‘s Grand Opening. Sampled beer, bought beer, ate bbq snausages, ate lots of cheese, a chocolate cupcake (great with the Black Noddy), sampled more beer and watched a Roller Derby exhibition.

I’m not a beer and wine snob…I can’t tell you WHY I like what I like, I just do. And I REALLY LOVED the Black Noddy (they call it a traditional Bavarian Schwarzbier)…sort of a Guinness Light. A very, very, very tasty dark beer. I liked their Artown Vienna Lager, too. Not so much the Orange Blossom Ale, guess I’m not much in the fruity beers. It looked good though. You are suppose to be able to buy the beer in all Scolari’s and Ben’s, but we couldn’t find it either stores we looked at on Sunday.

The Battle Born Derby Demons were at the Buckbean Grand Opening ~ LOL! I’ve never seen a roller derby team before. What a blast. They have a “bout” on 28 June at the Rink on the River at 7pm…they skate against the Silicon Valley Rollergirls. It’s the same weekend as the BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival that is held in downtown Reno.

My David Austin English Rose ~ The Squire ~ is blooming! Very pretty roses, I love all the ruffles!

I can’t remember if I was on Perpetualplum's or Blazedanielle's blog and saw a link to Pinkpurl's blog…while there, I printed out one of her recipes. She has a great blog and etsy shop!

Her recipe ~ London Memories Salad.

My changes/additions!
I used 1-1/4 cup Bulgur wheat.
1 large cucumber
corn from two ears of BBQ’d corn
1 large red onion
1 can of Black Beans
1 tub of crumbled feta
1 can of sliced olives (small can)
Chopped Italian Parsley
1 can of artichoke heart bottoms (not marinated)
1 avocado
DRESSING ~ doubled hers and added two grated garlic cloves

I like black beans over kidney beans and I love bbq corn instead of frozen or canned. I take the ears of corn, peel back the husks, take off the silks and wash the corn. Put a bit of butter and sea salt on the ears then wrap back the husks, wrap in foil. We still have a charcoal bbq…while getting the coals hot I place the corn all around the pile of coals. When the coals are ready…put the grill on, place whatever meat I’m bbq’ing, and put the corn around the meat. All in all, it’s in & on the grill for 1 hour. I had four ears on Saturday…we ate two and I took the corn off the cob of the other two. It was VERY SWEET AND TASTY in the salad!!!!!

My picture isn’t as pretty as hers…but here’s what the salad looked like ~ just ate it with some good sourdough garlic bread (little bit of olive oil and fresh chopped garlic ~ broiled) last night.

Nevada Photograph Note Cards

I’ve been slowly getting my blank note cards with my photographs on them up for sale at my ETSY SHOP ~ SLEEPY CAT HOLLOW. Mainly they are of Northern Nevada and Northern California area.

Please take a peek-see sometime! Here’s a small sampling ~

Baby Robins, Cairns, Gardens and Whatnots

My sister and BIL also work here at the university…and yesterday my BIL called my sister to tell her to come down with her camera to see the baby robins at the AG College. So at lunch we went down (I always have my camera on me) and it didn’t take us long to find them. The nest is perched right above one of the doors in the breezeway…and how the heck that nest can still hold those four fat babies I will never know! Every time someone opened the door…their little beaks opened and were screaming for food. They’re so fat and cute. I have a feeling one or all will be pushed out pretty soon.

There is a gardener that took over the Medical School area and since he started, rock cairns have been popping up all over. Very cool. There are many times that a few of us would rather be out working with him than inside where we’re at. I’m very glad he’s up here…makes me smile whenever I see his handy work.

This was taken early this morning around 5:45 am…so the lighting isn’t the best.

Everyone is still growing in my backyard garden ~ I’m especially happy that the sugar peas are growing in the decomposed granite ~ I had run out of the double mix soil at the time of planting so I took a chance and planted the seeds anyhoo. I had my doubts…but they are thriving pretty dang well. When I was watering last night I started laughing to myself about the large raised bed…everything is in nice, neat, orderly rows. SO UNLIKE ME! Then I glanced over at the smaller bed and was somewhat relieved…beans, squash, romaine, spinach and peppers sorta all jumbled together. I guess as long as they are happily growing I shouldn’t mind if they like standing at attention all in a row. 🙂

The stick in the smaller bed is the walking stick I made at my niece’s birthday party out at Davis Creek Park.

Last weekend I made up Jerry Baker’s Veggie Vitalizer Tonic with beer, pepper/onion/mint juice, fish emulsion and dishwashing liquid. The pepper/onion/mint sure smelled good in the house, even my husband came sniffing in the kitchen asking what I was making. Not sure if “really out-of-the-ordinary tonic that packs a double punch: It’ll get your plants up and growin’ to new heights AND help repel nasty pests, too!’ is working or not as of yet. And I’m not sure what nasty pests it’s repelling, but I will tell you what it’s NOT Repelling…flies. Oh my! That stinky fish emulsion definitely brought out the flies. I’ll be trying the All-Season Clean-Up Tonic and the All-Season Green-Up Tonic next. And the Aphid Tonic on the plants out front.

Been flipping through the Bobby Flay Cooks Americancookbook that I picked up at a yard sale...another oh my! Great looking recipes. Wild Rice Tamales with Sage Butter, Tacos of BBQ Pork Loin with Roasted Red Potatoes and Tomatillo-Red Pepper Relish, Green Chile Bisque wi Toasted Corn Relish, Crunchy Three-Cabbage Slaw, Pumpkin Bread Budding with Molasses Whipped Cream...yum.

Here is a list of what is going on at the Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno for the month of June.

Annual Plant Sale
Saturday, June 7, 8am – Noon
Native and ornamental plant sale. Come early to have the best choice. Learn from botanical society members about the plants for the area. They sell tried and true plants and are priced right! This fundraiser is sponsored by the Rancho San Rafael Botanical Society to benefit the May Arboretum. Organic brewed coffee will be for sale for you early birds!
May Arboretum Nursery & Burke Garden, RSR Park

Designing Butterfly Gardens
Wednesday, June 11, 6pm – 7pm & Saturday June 14, 9am – 10 am
Join Lainie Vreeland local garden expert, in a slide presentation and lecture to learn how to create and attract butterflies in your garden using perennials and annuals. Lainie will also discuss basic design principles and techniques used to attract these beauties of nature. On Saturday only, and after the presentation, Lainie will take you on a brief tour of the gardens.
Ranch House, RSR Park

Native Plant Identification
Wednesday, June 18th, 6pm – 7pm
Join Lynda Nelson, WashoeCounty Park Planner Project Coordinator, formerly the horticulturist for the May Arboretum in an hour long educational plant identification tour. With30 years of native plant experience, Lynda will show you native plants that survive in our area and ones that are used frequently with great success in landscapes. Don’t miss this summer evening of learning. Bring a camera, pad of paper and pencil for note taking.
May Arboretum Office RSR Park

Wrapping up the end of May 2008

Saturday morning was spent the usual way…at yard and garage sales. Came home with a pair of really good Birkenstock sandals for $1, a Bobby Flay cookbook, 3 cereal bowls (turquoise California Pottery), necklace (that I re-stranded for my husband), Kite Runner book, Oakland Raiders framed print of some sort..that wild-looking quarterback from the 70’s (husband)…more, but I can’t remember at the moment.

Ohhh…summer clothes at Savers for under $12 (3 tops and 1 crop-pants). I love shopping there…people throw away the best clothes!

Saturday evening at Hannah’s birthday campout. Saturday night watching my WINGS beat the Penguins. Hoping that they wrap it up in Detroit!

Stayed up until midnight working on my photograph note cards…received the plastic sleeves to slip them into on Friday. I sold 13 of them already and have about 82 left of the original batch. I’m going to try to get them into my shop, Sleepy Cat Hollow, on Etsy this week.

We drove up to Sierra Valley yesterday…there is a great day spot on the way up to Frenchman’s Lake, just north of Chilcoot, CA. It’s just past the Chilcoot campground on the right before you pass over the bridge. I hiked around and read while my husband mountain biked.

Then played a game of cribbage. Looks like it costs $18 a day to camp at the campground…we may have to take the tent up some weekend. There’s a nice creek that I see people fishing in all the time.

My husband got a bee under his bonnet and started ripping up weeds on the alley side of the fence…and more juniper, elm and some type of stinky tree stumps. Stepped all over one of my mums… 😦

Then while gathering rocks to make another cairn out front I noticed that SOME ASSHOLE STOLE MY BIG OBSIDIAN ROCK! I’ve had that rock since I was 20 years Old! Over half of my life…and someone STOLE IT! I about sat down and cried. I’m so pissed. We even hopped on our bikes after dinner (which was great btw…bbq chicken, acorn squash with garlic olive oil, and a salad) and rode around the neighborhood looking for my rock. I was hoping the arse who stole it was an idiot and put it out front in their yard. If I ever find my obsidian rock I’m going to slap the silly out of whoever has it…I miss him. I want him back home. Why would anyone come into someone’s yard and steal something? He was extremely heavy…a person could not just reach over the fence and pick it up, they’d have to come into the yard and pick it up that way. I just do not understand the assholes running around in the world.

Wind, Snow, Beach Glass and Monsterslayer ~ all in one day

The Truckee Meadows was wind blown yesterday and last night…checked the weeping cherry and the lilac bush, both were still standing uprightl! Had my fingers crossed as we had 40 mph winds with gusts up to 84 mph! Sheesh. And to top off the bloody bad weather ~ this morning when I looked out the window here at work ~ what do I see?! SNOW! It was snowing! It’s cool and cloudy out there now with a breeze…went from 81 degrees on Sunday to 43 degrees today. And we’re having a cluster of wee earthquakes (in the 3’s)…seems like the epicenter is near Verdi. Just felt one about 2:33 pm…was more this morning too.

The mail was sweet to me though! Popped into the post office at lunch today and found my order from Monsterslayer and Sea of Glass sitting there waiting for me ~ YEAH!

From MONSTERSLAYER I received a box of silver and copper wire and wire wrap pliers…I wanted to try out the silver square wire and I needed a couple of different gauges of copper. They are pretty dang fast with their orders! Placed an order in the mid-morning and that puppy was already being picked and out the door that afternoon. Very impressed with them.

SEA OF GLASS is a shop on Etsy run by Laura. I bought some green and brown sea glass that was collected in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Really nice medium size peices ~ I’ve gotten some beach glass from other folks…trying to find the right size. Sometimes you can’t really gauge it off of the pictures. Am very happy with this transaction.

I think tonight I’ll organize all of my tools, wire, glass, beads and other supplies…we’re going to have crappy weather the rest of the week through the weekend so it looks like I’ll be doing inside stuffus instead of yard work. G&G Nursery won’t have Old English Roses in for another few weeks…that gives me time to do other things. Like learning to braid/knot hemp….and drill holes in glass! 🙂

Birds, Birds, and more Birdies

Had a few ideas rattling around in my head ~ but settled on birds.  Was thinking soon it will be time to go up to Honey Lake, CA area to watch all the migrating birds.  Also remembered I have to stop off at Raleys to buy a big bag of unsalted peanuts for the scrub jays.  Almost out of goobers…it’s not a pretty sight when I get low on goobers.

Scrub Jay in Sparks, NV scrub jay 2 Picking a Goober Too Many Goobers! Got me a Goober! Rufus, the Bird Watcher

Baby Quail in our yard last summer ~

Canada Geese babies from work ~
canada geese

I’m looking forward to migration season ~ will have my batteries charged and ready to go take pictures! Hope you enjoy the pictures.