For Today ~ 29 December 2014 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 29 December 2014

Outside My Window… More construction trucks dumping dirt loads. Empty bird feeders.

I am thinking… It’s the last Monday of the year, and I really don’t want to be here at work. Big sigh.

I am thankful for… My friends and family. All and all, it wasn’t that bad of a year.

From the kitchen… I’ve been cooking a lot lately, I’d like to go out…but that’s doubtful.

I am wearing… Tennis shoes, jeans, long sleeved olive green t-shirt.

I am creating… I still have two quilts to finish and two bracelets, but I’ve been resting my hands trying to get the CT flare-up to die down.

I am going… check out the red box for a movie, just was texted a free movie code.

I am reading… I’ve been rereading The Historian by Elizabet Kostova.

I am hoping… It really won’t be as cold as the weatherman says it will be.

I am hearing… My TARDIS refrigerator and someone clearing their throat constantly.

Around the house… House is pretty clean.

One of my favorite things… my new TWSBI Diamond 580 1.1 mm fountain pen all inked up with J. Herbin Stormy Grey 1670!


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Go to the movies, write with my new pen, take walks.

Here is a few pictures thought I’d share with you…






Damn Wind…big sigh

After being in the 70’s for a few days we are heading back into the typical Northern Nevada Spring…






I hate the wind. And I’m not too keen on that 28F morning temp coming up as the Pear tree is starting to blossom out! Wind and Cold Temps…not good for pear blossoms!

I think the lilacs have a better chance of surviving.

Columbine can weather most anything…

So do the Tulips ~

I have to get going…the bird feeder outside my work window is empty and the finches are staring me down.