Bay Area in Photographs ~ April 23, 2011

Pictures of Bay Bridge from AT&T Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, John Muir Beach overlook, Point Reyes National Seashore:

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco ~ 31 July 2010

After checking into The Wharf Inn, we wandered down to the wharf to walk around and find something to eat for dinner.

Bubba Gump’s had an hour and 20 minute wait for dinner so we checked out Neptunes and then wandered over to Sea Lion Cafe where we will NEVER eat again…ever. The service stunk and we were charged full price for a dinner that they couldn’t even produce! We ordered the sourdough bowl of Clam Chowder with Caesar Salad…sorry, we are out of sourdough bowls. So a small cup of chowder came with the salad…what probably should have been $8.95 (lunch price) was charge at $13.95! Took 37 minutes from the time we asked for our check to actually receiving it.

Only good thing about our dinner was watching the sea lions.

And the view of the sunset…

Tomorrow’s post…ROCKET BOAT! Oh yeah…the Giants & Dodgers game. 🙂

It’s 6 Degrees Outside….

So I thought I’d post a few pictures of Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California.

Don’t think about the frozen pipes in the enclosed side porch…or the cold noses of those pesky cats when they want you up out of your warm bed to feed them…or your frozen fingers when you’re scraping off the windshield because you can’t find your bloody mittens.