Weekend at St. Mary Louise Hospital, Virginia City, NV


St. Mary’s Hospital (Arts Center), looking down Six Mile Canyon with Sugarloaf to the left.

Spent two nights at the old haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital, now an arts and retreat center, with 18 friends and new friends.  After everyone arrived and claimed their rooms, we had a pizza dinner with cast iron s’mores for dessert. We then all went to the third floor’s conference room for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  Haven’t laughed that hard in ages, felt great. Spent the rest of the night into the morning investigating the building. Saturday I made eggs and bacon for everyone then we all went our seperate ways…some to Carson City other up the hill to roam around Virginia City. We all met back up at the Washoe Club then back to the St. Mary’s for a lasagna dinner and more investigating. After cleaning up after ourselves those of us still there had breakfast at The Palace, then we parted ways until our next meet-up.

2016-01-08 14.45.16

Built in 1875 as a Catholic Hospital ran by the Daughters of Charity until 1897, then as a County Hospital until 1940’s.

Woke up to freezing fog on both Saturday and Sunday, the rest of the post are photographs from around the property.

Thursday’s Rambles ~ 1 March 2012

Some fabrics I pulled out of my stash for a 60×60 quilt someone wants me to make them. Just has to be blue and grey with the state of Nevada somewhere on it. I have a design in mind. 🙂 After seeing them in the picture, I’m not sure about the two in the middle of the pack. I’ll have to go pick up a few FQ’s from Windy Moon.


A small project I’m working on using Lauren & Jessi Jung’s Flora fabric…using English paper piecing hexies.


Saw this on the way to work…looks like someone was drunk and didn’t realize that you can’t barrel through two work buildings and go down the hill to the road.


Tuesday’s sunrise with a big ole fog bank….

Today is windy with more snow on the way…just like yesterday.

Last Saturday after driving up to Pyramid Lake we came back home via Wadsworth to 80…just before Reno is Lockwood where we spied a new park. They’ve re-dug the riverbed in that area, un-doing the damage by the Corp of Engineers so many years ago…now the Truckee River flows through lots of meanders. The fishies are a lot happier too.


One of the resident Red-Tail hawks at Rancho San Rafael Park.


We rented a great movie the other night. The Way, an Emilio Estevez movie staring his dad, Martin Sheen. Highly recommend it.


Point Arena Light Station

It’s now another day and onto another lighthouse! Friday we visited Point Cabrillo…Saturday morning was Point Arena’s turn!

When I awoke, I saw stars up in the sky and immediately thought YEA! Maybe no fog today! My husband wanted a morning walk so under Hwy 1 we went and wandered the beach where Pudding Creek empties into the ocean. Absolutely beautiful morning…

Then I looked out towards the ocean…ACK!…a Stephen King Fog Bank was rolling in! We gotta get our butts down to Point Arena before it hits!

The lady at Point Cabrillo said it takes 1.5 hours to drive from Fort Bragg to Point Arena…not nah…not in our Pontiac G6 GT it didn’t. We were early. The grounds don’t open until 10 (but the gate was open so we drove in…and was promptly told to drive back out…insurance reasons. LOL!).

Guess what?

We didn’t beat the fog. But isn’t she beautiful? She’s the only lighthouse on the west coast of any height that you can climb all the way to the top!

A little history first…the original lighthouse was constructed in 1870 with brick and mortar with a large Keeper residence (3 stories high) that housed several families. Then along came the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 which so severely damaged the lighthouse and residence that they were condemned and torn down. A new lighthouse was built by a San Francisco company that mainly built factory smokestacks…no longer was the lighthouse a cone shape, but is practically straight up and down. Made of steel reinforced rods encased in concrete. 18 months after the earthquake the new lighthouse began operation.

It stands 115 feet tall!

It housed a 1st Order Fresnel Lens, made in France, that is over 6′ in diameter and weighed more than six tons. (It now sits in the Fog Signal Building) There are 666 hand-ground glass prisms with three sets of double bulls-eyes that gave the lighthouse it’s signature two flashes every six seconds. The light could be seen up to 20 miles out to sea.

That big boy sat on a mercury bearing drive unit that had to be hand-cranked (like a grandfather clock) EVERY 75 minutes! The 160-pound weight was housed in a pipe in the middle of the spiral stair case.

The Fog Signal building from the top of the lighthouse. There’s a Devil’s Punchbowl to the upper right side…it’s been pretty much eroded away, but there’s another one starting to form!

The Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers acquired the light station in 1984 as part of a 25 year land lease from the US Coast Guard…they did such an awesome job of restoring and upkeep that they became the official property owners in 2000. The cost of the tour and roaming on the grounds is $7.50 (YES! That’s it! So please donate more at the gift shop that is housed in the Fog Signal Building!!!!)

OH! You can also rent out the Keeper’s homes on the property as vacation rentals!

Friday Morning Pogonip Photograhs

We’ve had a winter storm the past few days…and this morning I saw the pogonip hit my house very early…then receded to the lower valleys ~ Truckee Meadows and Spanish Springs.

My Car ~

My Lilacs ~

Fog at work ~

Now onto the non-foggy pictures.

My herbies are growing ~

Dinner last night….Mac & Cheese ~ recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I made my white sauce over the stove, not in the microwave…and I added ham.

And something I saw that tickled me!

Monday’s Ramblings ~ quilts, weather, idiot drivers…

Just some rambles today…my head hurts after a little road rage this morning coming into work.

First off…to the idiot male in the small green Ford pickup with a shell that ran me off of the road (cutting me off in the right hand lane while you were in the fast lane) MAY ALL FOUR TIRES BLOW AT ONCE WHILE YOU’RE SPEEDING AND CUTTING OFF OTHER PEOPLE….you ARSE!

Ok…now that’s out of my system, onto other rambles.

Quilting ~ I finished the American Jane “Recess” quilt top (using the disappearing nine patch), and pieced a back out of leftover Recess material. Am binding it now…with Leo’s help.

Saw an email this morning from MaryJane’s Farm…Project of the Week. She’s calling the quilt a Honeycomb…I know it as Grandma’s Flower Garden, but I guess there’s lots of different names for it.

It reminded me that I have to cut more pieces of the Grandma’s Flower Garden hexagons that a friend’s mom gave me to finish up. The blocks came from Kansas. I had pieced all of the extra hexagons that were give to me…but didn’t save one to make a pattern out of. Need to take one apart!

Sunday we had a pretty sunrise ~ then fog ~ then the temps got up to 53F (but seemed warmer than that!). We opened up the windows to let in the fresh air…at 5:07 pm it was 69F in the house still! Felt wonderful.

Here comes the fog from Spanish Springs!

Quails on the roof of the shed…

We are supposed to be almost 60F today…then another stupid storm is coming in dropping us to the 40’s. These constant pressure changes is wreaking havoc on my sinus! I can’t wait for this winter storm pattern to be over…then I’ll bitch about the summer’s heat. LOL! Why can’t it be sunny and 75F all the time?!

Lucy and Leo in the front room with the afternoon sunshine…that’s my wool sock from Ireland next to Lucy, she steals my socks and runs around the house with them all the time.

Hmmm…what else? State of Nevada will be cutting Education by 6.9%. I don’t think I’ll have more furlough hours…will stay at one day a month with no pay. But state workers will go to 4/10 work week…not sure how that will fly here at UNR. I work in a basic science research area…we’re here 24/7…depending on what exeriements are running at the time. I’m about the only one in my department that can do the 4/10 week. Wouldn’t mind having Fridays off…I’m here 10 hours already as it is, and not getting paid for it.

What’s wrong with parents? We went to see Shutter Island the other day and in front of us a mom was buying tickets for herself and what looked like a 10 and 8 year old…for Shutter Island! A Rated-R movie! How on earth did the ticket attendant let her buy the tickets to begin with?! I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie, but there are some disturbing scenes…scenes I wouldn’t want a kid that age to see! Holy Cow! And then they sat right behind us…you can hear the kids gasping and crying a bit throughout the movie!

Finally am able to watch movies at home again…bought a blue-ray dvd player that was on sale yesterday. We had a Samsung home theatre system, but in the move I found out my husband threw away the speakers because he didn’t want to deal with them anymore. What he didn’t know was that there was no way for me to hook up the dvd system with sound! :::Shaking Head::: There is NO outlet for ‘audio out’…just speakers out. So off I went to buy a new system…only took me a few minutes to hook the new one up and was watching movies in no time flat. 🙂