It’s Guinness Time…

It’s been a long week of training….

I’d really like a tall pint of Guinness…

Not sure what the weekend is going to be like ~ if it’s rainy and snowing, I’ll probably sit down and do some hand stitching on my sister’s quilt. I need to finish up the Spring Exchange too. But if it’s semi-dry out, I’ll be cutting a shrub up into pieces to take to the dump and get the corner ready for blueberry plants.

Everyone have a great weekend…see you on Monday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

After work we’ll be walking down to Paddy & Irene’s on B Street (Victorian Avenue) in Sparks…not too far from where we live. They will be having bagpippers and corned beef…and my favorite, Guinness. Today I’ll break from my diet and allow myself some beer and Bushmill’s Black. Love the bagpipes ~ so should be fun.

Paddy’s is offering customers free corned beef sandwiches in honor of the Irish holiday, and bagpipers will play from 4 to 6 p.m. The bar opens around noon Monday and will close when the last drunk drops. The bar and its Irish owners will also be celebrating their third anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day.