Harrison Crossing Quilt Top

A while ago I bought, from Keepsake Quilting, a quilt kit that I kept coming back to time and again…Harrison Crossing Quilt. I pinned it and now the kit is sold out, but they still have the pattern available.


The kit came with Dear Stella Sunburst Stripe fabrics…it went together pretty danged fast! I’m not exactly sure how I’ll quilt it, but for now it’ll sit behind the Denyse Schmidt, Labrynith, and Kate Spain quilt tops that need to be quilted first.




I cut into the Briar Rose FQ bundle

It’s been a hard move into the townhome we’re renting (if you live in Sparks, NV never rent from Spring Villas), and we’re still fighting to be transferred into a new unit within the complex.

While repacking my sewing room I came across some fabric I bought a while ago, a Briar Rose FQ bundle from Hawthorne Threads.


It’s happy fabric. I’m not happy. I sat there on the floor pulling out some books and came across a happy quilt in the Schnibbles Times Two quilt book.

Last Friday I began cutting into the happy fabric.


Over the weekend I made lots of four-patches and geese.


Last night I started putting the top together ~ I’m making it into a baby quilt. Still have two borders to add.


See? Happy fabric!



Still not happy with the rental management nor the townhome , but I’m a bit calmer now. 🙂

On the search for the perfect E-reader cover case

I have a Nook Simple Touch and have been on the lookout for the perfect cover case/cozy to make for it.

Last night I finished sewing (well, I still have to add a button snap) a pattern by Java House Quilts, and while I’m happy with how it made up…it’s just not “perfect” for my Nook. Big sigh. It’s sort of lop-sided in weight. I like the pocket for the eye glasses, but, as I said, the weight distribution is off.

For this attempt I used Westminster, Free Spirit House Designer’s CAIMAN fabric that I bought at Hawthorne Threads. Beautiful fabric!

My next pattern to try is Whistlepig Creek Production’s #1203 E-Cozy E-reader Cover and Carrying Case. I may have to try their E-Cozy Palooza too.

Have you made anything for your e-reader or iPad that you truly LOVE? If so, let me know as I’m whiling to get it a whirl!




Fabric Friday ~ 30 March 2012

I’m not sure if there really is a “Fabric Friday”…but there is now! I’m not waiting for “Stash Sunday”!

Lookie what just came in the mail!

My Fat Quarter bundle of Flea Market Fancy (the Legacy reprint) by Denyse Schmidt!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Denyse’s fabrics. All of them. Flea Market Fancy, Hope Valley, Katie Jump Rope, Country Fair, Greenfield Hill.

A big hug to my beautiful friend, April, for giving me a gift certificate to Hawthorne Threads! That FQ bundle only cost me $5.95! 🙂

I have to go pet my fabric now…you all have a great weekend.

Start of The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

A week or so ago I posted a Wordless Wednesday photograph of the fabrics I decided to use for The Farmer’s Wife quilt…

Farmer's Wife ~ Denyse Schmidt's HOPE VALLEY

I’m using a FQ bundle of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley that I bought from Hawthorne Threads…love that fabric. Love Hawthorne Threads too! Super nice and fastest shipping, ever!

I’ve been putting off the start of making this quilt. Why? I have no clue, just have. Over the holiday I pulled out the paper-piece patterns I had printed off a few months prior and jumped in. I needed a break from quilting and binding.

I follow the pattern, get all the paper torn off, press the block…WTF?! Stupid pattern! It’s backwards! So I threw a hissy fit…put the book back, tucked my pretty fabric back into my stash and returned to quilting and binding.

Book block.

My bass-ackward block.

Speed up to yesterday…So April? You’re hand-piecing your blocks now, right? “Yes”. Hmmmmmm….

Here’s what I got done while on break today. I need to bring in my folding cutting mat/ironing board and that mini clover iron. 🙂

FW Block 2 - Autumn Tints

This quilt will be hand-pieced now. 🙂