Hobo Quilt Update & Book Review ~ 58 Blocks Finished

I’ve been a wee bit obsessed on finishing these 6.5″ blocks. I’ve gone from 25 blocks a few days ago to just having two left to do! 😉

I’ve had a few question regarding the accuracy of the patterns, and finally figured out why…I googled and saw a book review where the person told everyone, in her opinion, not to buy the book because you will have to calculate the measurements yourself. It is in my humble opinion if you are a quilter and can not calculate measurements on your own…you probably should go back and take a basic math course. Sorry, but really? That said, I only came across two, maybe three blocks where the measurements were given that were wrong. With one I could tell just by looking at the picture that the color codes were flipped. One had a few pieces wrong, but I was able to figure it out in a few seconds just by looking a the pattern and jotting a few numbers in my head.

There are three types of patterns in this book:

Regular Pieced with measurements given (pattern is full-sized where you can add 1/4″ seam allowance, if wanted). I posted a picture of the pattern where I could immediately see where the measurements were flipped for two pieces. Oh! Where she has a triangle and the measurement of 1-7/8″, she means to cut a 1-7/8″ square and then cut in half…so if it says 8 triangles, it actually is 4 squares which will give you 8 triangles.

Paper Pieced ~ my first try at paper piecing! I had no problems following the authors directions! Pretty cool…was wishing there were more to do! I think there are only 3 or 4 paper pieced blocks.

Last is Applique…I machine appliqued my blocks. Am having a great time with these blocks. I made xerox copies of these patterns, very easy to cut out and machine applique on with a blanket stitch.

I fully recommend this book…even with the few publisher mistakes on the a couple of blocks. On a whole, any quilter that knows elementary math can make these blocks. The stories are great! Pictures are wonderful. If you like the history of this book I recommend you get the 1999 book Riding The Rails by Errol Lincoln Uys.

OKAY ~ NOW THAT IS OVER WITH…onto my update! 🙂

Top Row (left to right):
A Beating Awaits You Here
Anything Goes
At The Crossroad, Go This Way
Bad Dog
Bad Drinking Water
Bad Tempered Man

Second Row (left to right):
Bad Tempered Owner
Be Afraid
Be Prepared to Defend Yourself
Camp Here
Catch Out Here

Third Row (left to right):
Catch Trolley Here
Chain Gang
Cops Active
Cowards-Will Give To Get Rid Of You
Dangerous Drinking Water

Fourth Row (left to right):
Dangerous Neighborhood
Dishonest Person Lives Here
Doctor, No Charge
Don’t Give Up
Don’t Go This Way

Top Row (left to right):
Easy Mark
Fake Illness
Food For Work
Free Phone
Go This Way

Second Row (left to right):
Good Chance to Get Money
Good For a Handout
Good Water
Here is the Place
Hit the Road Fast
Hobos Arrested on Sight

Third Row (left to right):
Hold Your Tongue
Housewife Feeds for Chores
Keep Quiet
Kind-Hearted Lady (Still to be made)
Man With Gun

Fourth Row (left to right):
No One Home (this block had wrong measurements)
Office Lives Here
Poor Man
Rich People
Road Spoiled-Full of Hobos

Top Row (left to right):
Sit-Down Feed (this one I had to add a larger piece on the bottom)
Sleep in Hayloft
Straight Ahead
Talk Religion, Get Food
Tell Pitiful Story
Town Allows Alcohol

Second Row (left to right):
Unsafe Area
Well-Guarded House
Work Available
Worth Robbing
You’ll Get Cursed Out Here (Still to be made)