Pond Hockey ~ Washoe Valley, Nevada

Been really busy lately and have neglected my blog…hopefully things will start to settle down in a bit.

Wanted to post some pictures of a hockey game we came across while out and about one weekend. After spending some time up in Virginia City we drove down through Carson City and then on the east side of Washoe Valley. At the north end is Little Washoe Lake…we stopped to eat our lunch and enjoy a hockey game.

The dogs were pretty funny…one was definitely the coach, barking his orders. 🙂












Lord Stanley’s Cup is back Home in Hockeytown!!!!

Congratulations Red Wings! Especially to Zetterberg winning the Conn Smythe Trophy! 🙂 Great, Great, Great Game, Osgood!
(Pictures by Romain Blanquart, Detroit Free Press)

Here’s Mitch Albom's article this morning ~

The Heart-Stopping Puck Act ~


Wrapping up the end of May 2008

Saturday morning was spent the usual way…at yard and garage sales. Came home with a pair of really good Birkenstock sandals for $1, a Bobby Flay cookbook, 3 cereal bowls (turquoise California Pottery), necklace (that I re-stranded for my husband), Kite Runner book, Oakland Raiders framed print of some sort..that wild-looking quarterback from the 70’s (husband)…more, but I can’t remember at the moment.

Ohhh…summer clothes at Savers for under $12 (3 tops and 1 crop-pants). I love shopping there…people throw away the best clothes!

Saturday evening at Hannah’s birthday campout. Saturday night watching my WINGS beat the Penguins. Hoping that they wrap it up in Detroit!

Stayed up until midnight working on my photograph note cards…received the plastic sleeves to slip them into on Friday. I sold 13 of them already and have about 82 left of the original batch. I’m going to try to get them into my shop, Sleepy Cat Hollow, on Etsy this week.

We drove up to Sierra Valley yesterday…there is a great day spot on the way up to Frenchman’s Lake, just north of Chilcoot, CA. It’s just past the Chilcoot campground on the right before you pass over the bridge. I hiked around and read while my husband mountain biked.

Then played a game of cribbage. Looks like it costs $18 a day to camp at the campground…we may have to take the tent up some weekend. There’s a nice creek that I see people fishing in all the time.

My husband got a bee under his bonnet and started ripping up weeds on the alley side of the fence…and more juniper, elm and some type of stinky tree stumps. Stepped all over one of my mums… 😦

Then while gathering rocks to make another cairn out front I noticed that SOME ASSHOLE STOLE MY BIG OBSIDIAN ROCK! I’ve had that rock since I was 20 years Old! Over half of my life…and someone STOLE IT! I about sat down and cried. I’m so pissed. We even hopped on our bikes after dinner (which was great btw…bbq chicken, acorn squash with garlic olive oil, and a salad) and rode around the neighborhood looking for my rock. I was hoping the arse who stole it was an idiot and put it out front in their yard. If I ever find my obsidian rock I’m going to slap the silly out of whoever has it…I miss him. I want him back home. Why would anyone come into someone’s yard and steal something? He was extremely heavy…a person could not just reach over the fence and pick it up, they’d have to come into the yard and pick it up that way. I just do not understand the assholes running around in the world.