2010 Garden Is FINALLY In! :)

I had to hold off on planting my garden this year due to a very cold and wet May…we were still having snow. Sheesh.

Today was 88F and very humid…29% humidity! You all in the south, just hush your mouth! That’s humid for us!

From the looks of it…most of my garden will make great Italian sauces! 🙂

In the first box I planted:

Brandywine Tomato
Black Prince – a Russian Heirloom
two types of garlic (planted last month)
Greek Oregano
Orange Bell Pepper
Sweet Basil
Flatleaf Italian Parsley

Second Box I planted:

2 Roma Tomatoes
Red Bell Pepper
German Thyme
Cayenne Pepper
Italian Flatleaf Parsley
2 Sweet Basils
Yellow Sweet Onions (planted 1 week ago)

In the Third Box I planted:

7 Yukon Potatoes (planted 2 weeks ago)
5 Purple Potatoes (planted 2 weeks ago)
Flatleaf Italian Parsley
2 Straightneck Squash (planted 1 week ago)

You can see the Rosemary I planted in a pot that I found in the trash the other day.

Here’s a closeup of the potatoes….

I still want to get two tomatillos, two cucumbers, one dill , and one green chile…those will go into containers.

Drying Herbs and Pepper Seeds from the Garden

Well…I putzed out front for the first time in a while ~ pulling weeds and looking at the flowers when lo and behold! When the heck did that Italian Parsley plant get so big?! Holy Moly!

I cut a lot off of it ~ brought a grocery bag full of it to work and hung three bags up to dry. I also cut back my Thyme plant to hang for drying. Basil will be hanging up there pretty soon too.

I’m very happy with how my peppers have be growing in the garden so I’ve cut open a few to harvest their seeds. Also cut open the last of my New Mexican Hatch chile peppers so I can grow them next spring. Along with a pumpkin that grew faster than the rest…

My dad came up last month with a box full of stuffus…inside were 3 boxes of these great little jars. I’m using them to store all my dried herbs and seeds. Below is what I dried last month just to see if it would turn out…