For Today ~ 13 June 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 13 June 2011.

Outside My Window… Train going by on a northern spur, cars, birdies on the thistle sock, construction guys taking a front loader somewhere on campus.

I am thinking… I’m hungry. Pooh Bear tummy thing going on. 🙂 My wrist hurts! Wonder if it’s from playing Avalon Legends Solitaire too much. I wish short sales didn’t take so long to process.

I am thankful for… a roof over my head, even if I’d like to torch the one I’m currently under…don’t worry, I won’t. But I can’t promise what my husband would do.

From the kitchen…  Last night I made up a chicken and rice dish. I marinated the chicken in: seasoned rice vinegar, sodium-lite soy, garlic, serrano pepper, peanut butter, ground ginger, ginger lemon honey and some olive oil. (it’s what I could find in the frig and pantry!) Some Jasmine rice. Broccoli. Dumped the chicken and marinade into a pan and cooked it…put the whole thing over the rice.

I am wearing… jeans, tennies, short-sleeved blue shirt, hair in pony-tail.

I am creating… a Camille Roskelley quilt ~ Ric Rac in a Jiffy!

I have 60 half circles cut out…16 all sewn together. I’m using Riley Blake, Doodlebug Design’s FEELING GROOVY fabric…it’s SO CUTE!

I am going… to go to the Nevada Museum of Art this weekend…To Live Forever, Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum opened up over the weekend.

I am reading… going to start a Tina Fey book.

I am hoping… not hoping, am praying…for patience, peace, more patience, and a puppy.

I am hearing… me coughing. I really dislike post-nasal drip.

Around the house… Leo is a sad kitty. He wants a new house with a fenced lawn too.

One of my favorite things… gardening…and I don’t get to do much of it where we’re at now. I have 5 tomatoes in pots, and four pepper plants too. I guess the good thing is I don’t have many weeds. 🙂

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… work on the ric-rac quilt, try to wait patiently for ps i quilt to get her quilt a-long up and running.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

14 1/2 pints of jam I made up ~ strawberry & rhubarb, and strawberry, raspberry & mango! The berries and rhubarb were fresh from the farmers market…mangos, bag of frozen ones. LOL!


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Weekend of Jam & Jelly Making

I had the pleasure of a weekend by myself! Husband went down to Carson City to a friends house to watch the extreme fight on PPV so I had from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon for just ME!

I decided to make some jams…had half a flat of blueberries from the farmer’s market to use up. Made Blueberry-Lemon jam, Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Daiquiri Jam (had a whole flat of frozen strawberries in the outside freezer), and then saw I had the makings for Jalapeno Pepper jelly, so I made it too. I’m starting my Christmas presents early. 🙂

Lucy kept me company while Leo slept upstairs most of the day.

I love the jalapeno jelly ~ very pretty (tasty too, I already started eating that one)…I used green jalapenos and an orange bell pepper. Recipe was simple, peppers, cider vinegar, sugar, and pectin.

Just used the water bath for the jams…

And read the whole instruction manual for my new canner ~ a 16 quart Presto Pressure Canner.

Can’t wait to try it out! I plan on canning stews/soups, veggies, salsas, and meats when they go on sale.

Weekend Ramblings ~ jams, knotting, and a movie

While my husband was down in Carson City helping some friends move, I pulled out the mangos and jalapenos for a jam session! 😉

OMGosh! I made some AWESOME jam, if I say so myself!

I peeled and cut up 8 large mangos; roasted, peeled and diced 10 jalapenos (both green and red, wanted some color) and 2 Hatch green chiles; added some sugar and pectin and boiled away. I got 9 half-pint jars out of the batch with 1/2 cup leftover that I devoured with some Wheat Thins.

Here is the makings for my next batch of jam ~ Margarita Jam! I’ll have to have a shot for good luck. 8)

Smashed 5-1/2 cups of strawberries for another batch of jam I have planned ~ Strawberry Daiquiri jam. Need to get a small bottle of rum for that one. Don’t drink rum, so I do not have any on hand in the house.

I finished the shark’s tooth necklace and started in on another necklace for the other kiddo. Not sure who is getting which one, so I made them both beach themed. I had a 1″ round handmade bead (I can’t remember who made it! I think it’s off of etsy) with a sea turtle…so I knotted 20-pound hemp into a spiral necklace.

Finally saw Wall-E that was showing at the Grand Sierra ($3 movies) yesterday afternoon. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who was tearing up over that silly little animated robot when he didn’t recognize Eve at first. Sheesh. And I absolutely loved the wee cleaning robot! LOL!

Jamming in the Kitchen!

I got up early Saturday morning and decided I wanted to make jam. I make my Christmas presents every year and decided I’d like to add jam into the baskets this year. The two Farmers Markets in Sparks are on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, so I drove over to the one on California Avenue in Reno. Bought a flat of strawberries and four baskets of blueberries. Figured that would be a good start!

Blueberries went off without a hitch…made 7 – 8oz jars.

Then came the strawberries. All was well until the last minute of boiling! Gonna need a bigger pot! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Luckily I only had 3 feet to carry the pot over to the butcher’s block (I did leave a trail of strawberries on the wood floor) to pour the mixture into the jars…I knew that I would NOT have strawberry jam, probably strawberry syrup, but I was not going to waste anything by throwing it out. I ended up with 10 – 8oz jars of strawberry goop. Sunday morning I opened up a jar and put it on our whole wheat pancakes…OH MY GOODNESS! It was very tasty! And it wasn’t as syrupy as I thought it would be. Good save, if I say so myself! 🙂 Unfortunately, my stovetop did not fair too well. That large crescent on the right side somehow etched itself into the ceramic top. Boo Hoo! 😦

I have lots of peppers growing in the garden so my next canning project will be to make Hot Pepper Jam. I also would like to make either peach, plum, or orange marmalade jam.

After the Farmer’s Market I went to a couple of yard sales in the area and lookie what I found! The cutest wooden sewing machine!

And three hardback books of Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery ~ the lady had bought them at Prince Edward Island.

Sunday morning while picking some squash I was admiring said peppers and just happened to look over at the green beans. I have beans! Went inside to grab the colander and started to pick green beans…then saw the black beans were there too. Picked enough for dinner that night and a bag to give to my mom. So dinner was bbq-d chicken breast with steamed beans (which I then lightly sauteed them with two strips of bacon) and extra-sourdough bread.

I picked lots of carrots…needed to thin them so the rest of them will grow bigger. Ate a bunch right then and there and brought in a gallon bag-full to work. They are VERY GOOD! Also had two funky looking cucumbers.