Jerry Baker ~ Terrific Garden Tonics! Book Review


Well ~ Jerry’s book came in the mail the other day and I’ve been flipping through it off and on.

Terrific Garden Tonics!  It states 345 Do-It-Yourself, Fix ‘Em Formulas for Maintaining a Lush Lawn and Gorgeous Garden.

What I’ve discovered is that the book probably could have been half it’s size as most of the lawn/shurb/flower tonics are basically the same thing ~ ie: it would have been easier to give the tonic recipe and then a list of things you can use it for. I’ve already started a list of what one recipe can be used for and when.

I LOVE the Making Cents, Great Idea!, Ask Jerry, Terrific Time Savers, Grandma Putt’s Pointers, and little tidbits that he puts at the bottom of each page.

Like, did you know that:

Nighttime’s the Right Time? Plan to harvest your leafy vegetables by the light of the moon, or at least in the early evening-and not during the day. That’s because during the day, the sun burns up a lot of the vitamins and minerals stored in the plant leaves. But as soon as ol’ Sol starts to set, the plants begin to replenish and fortify themselves. So, if you wait until evening, you’ll be picking your vegetables when their vitamin content is at its peak.
Terrific Garden Tonics! Page 248

Here, Birdie!
Sparrows and other birds will help you out by pecking up pesky caterpillars. So I like to push 4-foot-long branches into the soil in my cabbage patch to give birds a place to perch. I figure if the birds pause there for a second, they might spy a cabbageworm or two that will make a tasty snack.
Terrific Garden Tonics! Page 254

Grandma Putt’s Pointers ~ Want to get twice the flower power from your rosebush? Then try this trick I learned from Grandma Putt: Plant a clematis next to it! The clematis will climb up and over the rose, so it’ll look like the rose has two different kinds of flowers. You can pair a clematis and rose that bloom at the same time for one spectacular show, or choose ones that flower at different times for extended blooming.
Terrific Garden Tonics! Page 173

Always plant basil, bee balm, and borage near your tomatoes. These aromatic herbs are the best neighbors your tomatoes will every have, and they’ll boost your plants to new heights!
Page 271

Here are some Recycling & Repurposing Ideas ~

The Ladder to Success ~ Believe it or not, an old wooden ladder makes a great quick-and-easy herb garden. Simply lay the ladder down on a flat area, fill in between the rungs with soil, and plant a different herb in each section.
Page 270

Make a Melon Cradle ~ One of my favorite tricks for recycling plastic milk jugs is using them in the melon patch to prevent the fruit from rotting. Simply cut a jug in half lengthwise, lay one half on the ground, and set the ripening melon inside. Not only will this plastic perch prevent rot, but it will also discourage critters form nibbling on your melons!
Page 277

There are quite a lot of tonics in this book but I have yet tried any of them, so I can not attest to any of them working or not. I do plan on making a few, especially now that the garden has been planted. I also plan on following many of the pointers at the bottom of each page. But all in all, I’m not sure if the book is worth over $30…

If any of you out there have tried any of his tonics and you have a favorite, let me know!


Never Fear….JERRY’S HERE! Garden Tonics ~

LOL! That was in my mail last night when I picked it up from the post office ~

Moles Driving ya’ Nuts? Weeds Gone Wild? Sick of Slugs? Never Fear…Jerry’s Here! Inside: 28 of the BEST ard and garden troubleshooting tips, tricks and tonics – and 2,168 amazing backyard problem solvers in all – and they’re all yours to try, FREE!

Ok…So ole Jerry peaked my interest and I opened up the flyer.

Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener. Special 40th Anniversary Issue ~ It’s amazing! It’s awesome! And best of all – it’s yours to preview – FREE!


You know what??!! I think I’m going to order it! LOL! If even 1/4 of the stuff that is in it works…it’d be well worth the price, me thinks.

Terrific Garden Tonics! In this Special Preview Issue, you’ll discover how my latest and greates all-natural mixers and fixers can give you…

Lovely Lawns – all it takes is a little beer, dish soap, and cola…
Fabulous Flowers – yours will bloom their fool heads off if you use wine, ammonia, and steel wool…
Towering Trees – you’ll have it made in the shade with these bourbon, coffee, and Epsom Salts tonics…
Incredible Edibles – enjoy mouth-watering cukes, tomatoes, and melons with baking soda, chive tea, and jello…

I’m either going to have one helluva great looking yard…or one in rehab! Did you see all the alcohol in the tonics?! ROFL!

The Suspects ~ Billbugs, Mole Crickets, Moles, Bark Beetles, Gypsy moths, Squirrels, Aphids, Cats, Scale, Lilac borers, Rust mites, Cabbageworms, skunks, bean beetles, squash vine borers….

The Solutions ~ Awesome Aeration Tonic, Hot Bug Brew, Mole Chaser Tonic, Peppermint Soap Spray, Orange Aid Elixir, Spicy Squirrel Stopper, Amazing Aphid Antidote, Hit-the-Trail Mix, Crazy Daisy Spray, Double-Punch Garlic Tea, Knock-‘Em-Dead Insect Tonic….

Key Indgredients ~ Beer, dishwashing liquid, peppers, garlic, onion, hot sauce, chili powder, orange peels, peppermint oil, baby shampoo, cloves, mustard, Murphy Oil Soap, alcohol, vegetable oil, bleach, vinegar, flour, milk, instant tea

A Whiskey A G0-G0 Elixir!

My Seed and Soil Energizer will give your veggie seeds as much pep as go-go dancers – they’ll just keep on going and growing!

1 tsp of whiskey
1 tsp of ammonia
1 tsp of dishwashing liquid
1 qt of weak tea water

Mix these ingredients in a bucket, then pour the solution into a hand-held sprayer. Shake it gently, then apply a good misting to the surface of all newly-planted seed beds or plant containters.

I’ll let you all know how it works at the end of the growing season!

If you have already tried some of his tonics ~ let me know if they work!!! 🙂