For Today ~ 20 August 2012 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 20 August 2012.

Outside My Window…

Reno, Nevada sunrise ~ 20 August 2012

I am thinking… It sure would be nice if autumn would come sooner than later. I’m really tired of the heat and wildfire smoke here in town.

The red maple out front is starting to turn colors.

I am thankful for… Friends. Love them to pieces.

From the kitchen… Pork chops and rice for dinner tonight. One of my favorite dishes that my Great Aunt Hazel would fix my sister and I when we visited.

I am wearing… cropped olive green/tan pants, olive green shirt, and sketchers sandals.

I am creating… I’m multi-tasking at the moment. Just finished another wire-wrapped pendant yesterday. Am still hand-piecing a Farmer’s Wife quilt block.

Wire-wrapped piece of petrified wood.

First pendant…with the copper “antiqued”

I am going… have to start looking for craft fairs coming up! Ruth, Reva and I have been making stuff all year long. I found one in Portola, this October, for $25/table. Need to find some in town.

I am reading… Finished all three stories in Mary Downing Hahn’s Haunting Tales, will have to just close my eyes and pick another book on my nook.

I am hoping… That I my copper wire wrapping becomes better as I really would like to use the silver wire! LOL!

I am hearing… a small plane overhead; traffic on McCarran; me.

Around the house… Laundry.

One of my favorite things… creating with my hands.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Try out a few new dinner recipes; buy a good pair of flat-nosed pliers for jewelry making; finish up a few leather wrapped bracelets.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… (LOL! I’ve been sharing pics like crazy up above, but will find another)

Spent wildflowers outside of Portola, CA.

Show and Tell ~ My First Wire Wrapped Class

Ok…after seeing the pictures up-close, I see some adjustments needed and a few mistakes I made…but all in all, I like it. 🙂

Classes at Mill Street Beads & Rocks, here in Reno, are only $25 AND all the tools and supplies are included. Unfortunetly, they are retiring and closing up shop soon. Anyhoo…there were four stone beads to choose from, I picked a pretty olive green one since we were using copper wire.

Fun! Fun! Fun! I bought a few packets of copper square and half-round 21 gauge to play with it some more.

I’ll be using some liver of sulphur on this pendant to antique the copper…it’s way too bright for me. 🙂

I need to scoochie the wraps closer together and get rid of the black mark.

The front.

The back of the piece.

Here is a piece of petrified wood I’m going to try next! I just don’t know which side to make the front. What do you think? I bought this for $3 up in Chilcoot, CA on our way to Portola after class…it was Train Days (will post pics on Monday).

Which side should be the front?!

Lots of New Books! Metalcrafts, Quilting & Jewelry

Oooohhh!  A VERY HAPPY DAY is  getting books in the mail!  And I received a lot yesterday!  Five books for $25 ~ that included the shipping.

THE BORDER WORKBOOK by Janet Kime.  Easy Speed-Pieced and Foundation-Pieced Borders ~ 10ty Anniversary Edition.  2006.

I normally just add sashing type or flying geese borders to my quilts ~ so I picked this one hoping it would inspire me to add prettier borders to my future quilts! 🙂 The borders included are ~ Easy Braid, Log Cabin Spiral, Flying Geese, Tilted X, Kitty Faces, Eeek! Mice!, Spinning Stars, Sawtooth, Double Sawtooth, Stacked Strips, Checkerboard, Paw Prints, Stacked Bricks, Squares on Point, Beads on a String, Small Dogtooth, Large Dogtooth, Folded Ribbon, Shaded Squares, Arrows, Zigzag, Side-by-Side Hearts, Vertical Hearts, Speed-Pieced Braid, Diamonds and Accordion Pleats.

From what I’ve seen by just flipping through the book ~ Nice layout and easy to read instructions.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL BEADED JEWELRY by Heidi Boyd. 50 Quick and Easy Projects. 2006.

This is a nice book ~ easy to read layout with good introduction on findings, materials, tools and techniques. But it probably isn’t a book I would have bought if I was able to thumb through it at a bookstore. Very good book for a beginner ~ I’m not a beginner. I may pass this one onto my my sister and my soon-to-be 8 year old niece to use.

I picked the right one as this book is loaded with good ideas and tips. Lots of pictures and very good directions and explanations. This book is mainly for lead-free low temp soldering ~ if you are jumping right into silversmithing you may want to skip this, but then maybe you wouldn’t. As I said…great foundation of learning this art. It would make the transition into using silver easier, me thinks…

Introduction has Project Tools and Materials ~ tool setup, glass cutting area, soldering tools, tools for beading, finishing tools, soldering materials, bead materials, art materials. A few words about safety. Lots of projects.

METAL CLAY THE COMPLETE GUIDE by Jackie Truty. Innovative Techniques to Inspire Any Artist. 2007.

Not really sure why I picked this book up other than the fact that it fascinates me that metal clay can look like traditional silver and gold jewelry! I may play with this later on down the road.

With metal clay there is no initial preparation with wax, no sprues, no investment, no burn-out, no melting of metals, no vacuum or centrifugal casting. If you prefer, there’s no soldering of any kind. Molding, carving, drying, sanding, firing and polishing metal clay are the only steps involved. Best of all, everything in metal clay prior to firing is recyclable into more clay and paste, ready for reuse. That’s not to say that mastering metal clay techniques is easy, but the time, money and product investments are far less than those associated with traditional metalworking.

HOME & GARDEN METALCRAFTS by Jana Ewy. Included 15 easy-to-make Projects. 2002.

This is one of the books that Sue of Perpetualplum sent me with a bunch of others in trade for soaps.

I’ll be using this book ~ lots of great ideas for outdoor artwork, lamps and other stuffus made of copper.