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We Killed Another Juniper! OORAH!

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you’d know that I despise Junipers in any type of landscaping. And when we bought our house, which was built in 1915, the yard was full of the bloody shrubs…some of them the … Continue reading

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Are We There YET?!

I’m soooo looking forward to Autumn. It’s too bloody hot here in Northern Nevada…and it was so hard not to hug the tv last night while watching Thursday Night Football to try to feel the rain that was coming down … Continue reading

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Front Yard Landscaping after the death of the Junipers

Well…we finished yanking, pulling and cutting those junipers out of the front ne corner of the lot. Only 3 truck loads to the dump! LOL! Still have a few piles of juniper debris to bag up and then we can … Continue reading

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A Weekend in the Juniper War Zone

I’m very, very, very tired today. And my arms and legs look like I was in the middle of a cat fight…and lost. My hands are swollen and hurt…carpal tunnel will be hurting them for a few weeks. 😦 It’s … Continue reading

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Waging War Against the Junipers Continues….

We have once again declared war against the junipers in our yard! This war will be a triology…not sure when we will get to the last part. This time it’s on the NE corner of our lot…there are at least … Continue reading

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