Cast Iron Reflector Swinging Arm Wall Bracket for Kerosene Oil Lamp

Over the weekend my mom gave me Great Grandma Chambers’ cast iron wall bracket and kerosene lamp. I remember it on the wall in our house in Southern California when I was a kid…it was in the Chambers’ homestead in Lynch, Nebraska long before that. I didn’t take a picture of the lamp itself, but it’s clear glass with the original brass hardware. Now I have to figure out where in my house to hang this lovely…I’m thinking in the kitchen or front sunroom.

I found the site Antique Lamp Supply and figured out what that hole on the top part of the arm (see second picture, above) was for ~ to hold a Mercury Reflector. And…except for the bowl part, my arm is just like their #73801. My mom said she doesn’t remember ever seeing a reflector attached to this lamp, so if it had one it was before 1940’s. I would need to buy the mercury reflector & attachment, and reflector nut if I want it to be in original condition.