One Camera, Two Cameras, Three Cameras, More!

It’s amazing how picking up an item here and there all of a sudden leads to a collection! You start to look around and wonder…WHAT THE HECK?! 🙂 That’s what I found myself saying when my husband started rearranging the furniture again (big sigh…he really, really, really needs to find a job).

So…I’m introducing you to my old camera collection…all but one were picked up for $2 – $7. The most expensive was $10…and my husband picked that one up for my Christmas gift.

The first camera I picked up was for $5 at the El Rancho Swap Meet in Sparks (actually I found 4 of them there throughout the summer). It’s a No. 2-C Autographic Kodak Jr. with two patent dates of Jan 18 1910 and Jan 7 1913. Kodak Anastigmat lens. It took A-130 film. I think it’s a beauty ~ even if it is a common camera! I have it on display on the maple hutch in the living room.


Next is the Kodak Duaflex with a Kodet Lens ~ film 620 (1940’s) and the Kodak Duaflex II with a Kodet Lens and flip-up viewfinder (1950’s).

This is my $2 camera…the nifty Kodak Instamatic 404! LOL! Has a Kodar lens and took 126 film (1960’s). There is a spot for 2 AAA batteries.

The camera on the left is a Baldinette folding 35mm camera made by Balda Bunde Kamera-Werk in West Germany around 1951. It has a cool Exposure Table on the back on what settings to use from May-Aug; Mar-Apr and Sept-Oct; Nov-Feb. The the last on the top shelf is a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye that I picked up over the weekend at Lightning Auctions.


First from the left is a Kodak Flash Bantam with a Anastar 48mm Lens and folding bellows (1940’s). It used 828 roll film. This is the camera my husband got me for Christmas. Next to it is the Kodak Starflex Brownie with a Dakon lens and takes 127 film. Has two shutter speeds for the two types of film (Color and B&W) and a pop-up viewfinder.

Next is the Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 box camera that is from 1946-1952. Used 620 film. Then the Kodak Brownie Reflex ~ (1940’s) used 127 roll film.

Last on the shelf is a great little, but heavy, 8mm movie camera ~ a Keystone Riviera K-45 that takes magazine film. Kinotel 8mm, Cine Raptar, Wollensak. Made in Boston, MA (1940’s).

I have a feeling that I’ll be adding to this camera collection…just can’t turn away from them. 🙂

Garden, Quilting, Photography & Yard Sales Makes for a Great Weekend

Even though we were cursed with 96 degree record breaking temps 3 days in a row…I had a great weekend!

My garden is sprouting like crazy now! Peas, PUMPKINS, squash (all three kinds), radishes, cucumbers, black beans, bush beans, either the spinach or romaine (can’t remember which side was which) and corn.

Was at the Washoe County Extension Office’s Master Gardener Plant Sale bright and early Saturday morning…but not as bright and early as a few hardy soles. We were in the first 1/4 of the line though! I bought 4 different tomato plants (Black Russian, Black Japanese, Beligum something, and a Yellow Plum), 3 Basil plants (Cinnamon, Lime, and regular), 2 rhubarbs, clary sage, borage, parsley, 2 hollyhocks, 2 Irish bells.

For $1.50 I picked up two Kodak box cameras at the Sparks Community Rummage Sale ~ Brownie Starflex and a Duaflex.

Cleaned the Duaflex up and then tried the ‘Through the Viewfinder’ method…I need to read more about that one as I don’t think I grasp it yet.

And…I finished the binding on a lap quilt that will be heading to Gulf Port, MS soon.