First Day of Spring in Northern Nevada ~ March 2009

After begging for last Friday off from work…I spent the whole day in my yard! And while my body revolted on Saturday…it felt VERY GOOD! Especially with it being sunny and 70F (then it was blowing & snowing and 40F over the weekend!)

Started at 7am in the back patio cutting the 6′ dog-eared cedar fencing down to 63″ (I had painted them the night before)…I needed to make a 4 foot section of fence to replace the tree/shrub my husband cut down on the side of the property. Took me about an hour to put it all together by myself…if you don’t look hard enough you can’t tell it’s a bit crooked. 🙂

Four Foot Section of New Fence ~ Right Side.

Four Foot Section of New Fence ~ Right Side.

After getting the fence up I headed to Lowes to pick up some things I will need for the drip system. I didn’t get all I needed to do last year, so will finish it up this spring. While there I HAD to make a detour outside to look at all the new plants that came in. I bought some small containers of herbs ~ dill, lemon thyme, spearmint, oregano and something else that escapes me at the moment. Also some cabbage and broccoli.

Called my mom to see if she was home and if she wanted to go with me to G & G Nursery (I can’t find a website for them, but here is a map with some reviews) with me to look for blueberry plants. So I swung by and picked her up…found the blueberries! Yippie! G & G Nursery has 3-year old Blue Crop and Berkeley plants…bought 2 to go with the one my mom gave me from her yard. Also bought the last of the elderberry plants (the berry one and not the ornamental ones…they have lots of those).

While looking at which blueberries to buy I spied a wee Blue Atlas Cedar in a 10 gallon tub…with no price on it. He told me that I can get it for 30% off if I wanted it…I said I wanted it, but would have to wait until I get paid. My mom bought it! 🙂 THANKIES! (Remind me to remind you that you already bought me an early, very early birthday present!) So we loaded up the car with the plants and swung by my house, unloaded the Lowes and G&G Nursery plants then hopped into the pickup to go get the tree.

I now have a Blue Atlas Cedar in the front yard!

I now have a Blue Atlas Cedar in the front yard!

See all the river cobbles around the tree? Well those came from the hole I dug for the tree…I told you last year I think a river ran through my yard. I’m pretty sure if we looked at old maps that it would show the Truckee River meandered through my yard pre-1915!

I also planted the 2 blueberries (plants in corner…with blueberry from mom’s house), 1 elderberry (right side) and 2 jasmine plants (left side) in the corner where I put up the new part of the fence. I’m hoping that if I build some hay houses for the jasmine that they will live through our winters…gotta give it a try!

Blueberries, Edlerberry, and Jasmine.

Blueberries, Elderberry, and Jasmine.

I’m debating on planting the herbs in the middle…probably in a small raised bed. Or they may go up front with the Blue Atlas Cedar. Right now they are in the old wash sink in the side room of the house. And since cabbage and broccoli are cool weather plants, I went ahead and planted them in the back raised garden beds.

Also planted ~ a packet of Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds that I found at my local Lowes in Sparks… these are for the Great Sunflower Project I told you about last week.

Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds

Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds

Around 4pm I wandered back into the house and realized I didn’t take anything out to make dinner…nor was I in any shape to go out and get something. Luckily I had a bag of leftover ham in the freezer…and some lentils in the pantry…chopped up an onion and a green chile, put that and the lentils and the frozen ham into my cast iron pot, poured some chicken broth over the whole thing. Then crawled into the shower.

Very sore on Saturday…but I wouldn’t ever trade a day like Friday for anything but another day just like it! 🙂 I get a lot done with my husband at work and out of my way! LOL!

First Garden Harvest ~ and More!

I harvested my first squash and pulled up the peas last night…

It has been really hot these past few weeks here in Northern Nevada and my pea plants were turning brown fast. So I yanked them up and picked all the pea pods off. I was able to harvest about 7 cups of peas. Note to self: Plant more pea plants and EARLIER in the season. I’ve redirected the pumpkin vines to head towards where the peas used to be. Now there is more room for them to wander off to.

The squash was sauteed with onions last night for dinner along with bbq’d chicken. Yum. My husband pretty much polished off all the radishes I pulled. Good thing there are lots more where those came from. LOL!

CORN! I have lots of corn growing…

Finally have cucumbers and lots of peppers too:

I finished up the drip system on the one side of the front yard the other night. Started in on the other side but when I cut into the existing line (we did not put the system in and I wanted to extend it to the new plants) I found out that the water was coming from a different direction than what I thought. Heh. So I had to cap it off for the night. Went to Home Depot as it was closest here to work…but they had NO 5/8″ T’s!!! Good grief. Stopped off at Lowes on the way home and they had what I needed. Tonight I will finish off the other side of the front yard’s drip system.

Worked on my Simple Woman Summer Swap present up until midnight…only one more hour to go and I’ll be wrapping it up and sending it to Texas. My swap partner is Becky of Small Town Heart, and it was a lot of fun making her present. Can’t wait to send it off! I hope she likes it. Can’t post pictures here yet…so I’ve been sending them to friends to look at. ACK!

I’m already packing for my 3-day trip to Monterey! I can’t wait! I haven’t been to the ocean since Thanksgiving weekend. And it was cool then. Supposedly the hotel is right on the beach. Hee! Will have to call mom and ask her the name again…I forgot.

Just wanted to say that my friend, Sue, could use prayers for her daughter. She is going through some extremely tough problems and needs some good thoughts, hugs and prayers. Thank you.

Raised Garden Bed Box for Backyard ~ Finished! Well…it’s made.



Yesterday after buying a new bed for upstairs I dropped my husband off at Savers and I went to Lowes to shop for the garden lumber. Taking with me the directions from Sunset’s Western Landscaping Book (below) ~

I bought 6 2x12x12 redwood planks and 2 4x4x8 treated fir posts, and one box of 3-1/4″ galvanized nails. Looking back…I should have looked for 2x8x10 or 2x8x12 as now I have LOTS of back-fill to look for! Luckily I have oodles of river rocks and can place at the bottom of the bed and then fill with some dirt then mix in some top soil/manure. Off to Craigslist to see if anyone has any free dirt I can go get.

The finished container is 2x5x12 (2′ high x 5′ wide x 12′ long). I’m thinking I’ll put a wood sealer on the redwood as I opted out of the treated wood. I may staple plastic sheeting along the insides too. Not really sure about that. And Boy-Howdy! If you make the size I did…you’ll want two extra hands on flipping that box over! It was a struggle with the two of us, but we did it.

And ladies…find the roll of duct tape as your husband will probably want to cuss up a blue streak. I about threw my hammer at mine, no patience at all that man! I would have much rather had my mom and sister helping me than my husband. 👿 I’m very handy with a saw and hammer…which I don’t think he has gotten used to, even after 13 years of marriage. LOL! 😉

Here are before and after shots of our back area. We’ve finally decided to find some decomposed granite for the the rest of the yard. Got lots of that around Northern Nevada…just back your truck up to any road side cut and filler up!

Soon to be veggies ~ Onions, beans, sugar peas, cucumbers, lettuce ~ red leaf and spinach, radishes, carrots, corn (outside the box next to the wall), garlic, potatoes (I have two tires for them to go into), zucs, tomatos (outside container), pumpkins (actually in front side yard), peppers.