Wednesday’s Potluck

Have a few moments to sneak in a post today…just a few odds and ends, nothing in particular.

So let’s start the potluck!

Dutchess commented about the tile I had in some pictures in the camera post…

It’s a Celtic Seal or Selkie Knot Tile that I bought off of ebay many, many years ago. The seller is Mae_Bea from Canada. They do quite beautiful work. Go check them out.


When I was off work on Monday, I stopped by Ben Franklin’s, not too far from my house. I needed some white on white fabric for some quilts I’m making and spied this fabric ~ It’s called Happy Days and designed for Exclusively Quilters, 2007. It is way too cute. I bought a yard and will make a small quilt out of it.


My set-up in the living room while watching the playoffs.


Max making sure I’m sandwiching & pinning the flannel patchwork quilt together right.


The new crochet book I bought off of Crafter’s Choice Book Club for $10 ~ >The A to Z of Crochet ~ The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter. Very cool book with lots of pictures on each stitch!


Soy candles I made in baby food jars for an upcoming baby shower. They wanted Vanilla scent to it so I mixed French Vanilla and Cream Cheese Frosting. Very yummy smelling.