Today is Meowmorial Day 2011 ~ So Sayeth Otis

of the blog Cult of Otis…and who am I to argue with Otis?

I would like to honor my beloved Max. Maxie died two years ago May from congestive heart failure.

Maxie was the most handsome Blue Russian/Ragdoll. EVER! I miss him dearly. Max was an indoor kitty that was allowed to come out with me when I worked in the yard. He loved to just sit in the grass and supervise. Loved boxes…any box. Had a 50 cup coffee percolator purr. Was a great snuggler.

Max ~ I Love You Bubbaboo ~ 21 May 2009 ~ 2:52 pm


My heart is aching terribly today ~ I had to put my 14 year old cranky bubbaboo, Maxie, down yesterday afternoon. I never knew how much tears one could shed…I buried and planted a bee balm over him with a rock cairn headstone.

(5/26/09) I grumbled every night he put his whole 15 pounds on my back, side, stomach, head (he would have made a great log roller) at night. But I sure miss it now. I’m not sleeping too well with him gone.