It’s 6 Degrees Outside….

So I thought I’d post a few pictures of Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California.

Don’t think about the frozen pipes in the enclosed side porch…or the cold noses of those pesky cats when they want you up out of your warm bed to feed them…or your frozen fingers when you’re scraping off the windshield because you can’t find your bloody mittens.

Winter Surf along Ocean View Blvd in Monterey & Pacific Grove

Still more Monterey Posts ~ will have a few more throughout the week.

If you head NW on Lighthouse, hang a right at 1st…you’ll hit Ocean View Blvd…take a left and just follow it till your heart’s content. Biking this would be awesome too. Beaches galore with lots of turn outs. We followed it out past the Point Pinos Lighthouse to where it turned into Sunset Drive, then came back.

I picked out about 20 pictures of the surf on Saturday morning and afternoon…starting off with morning shots at Lover’s Point.

Spiral Knot Hemp Necklace with Shark’s Tooth Pendant

Back in July while beach-combing in Monterey with my sister I found half of an old shark’s tooth. She was looking for one to make into a necklace, while I was looking for blue and green sea glass. We each bent down about the same time…she came up with a pretty piece of blue glass and I came up with a shark’s tooth! 🙂

Anyhoo ~ I took three lengths of 20lb hemp string…one about 24″ long the other two about 3 yards long. Tied a knot at one end, slipped a carved bone bead on and then tied another knot. Came down about an inch and tied another knot then started on the spiral knots (I think it’s called a HALF KNOT).

First I took the right-side and made a loop (backwards “c”) and brought it OVER the middle string (your short length goes in the middle with the two long lengths on either side of it)

Next I took the left side, made a “c” and then went under the backwards “c”, behind the middle length, and then over the top (inside) of the right loop. So now the STARTING left-side in now on the right front and the STARTING right-side is on the left back.

Pull together snuggly and start the cycle over. If you keep doing the same knot over it makes the spiral effect. If you want it flat…you have to reverse the procedure…your next knot would starting from the left-side (making two half-knots, first from the right the second from the left, makes a square knot).

Now…with the shark’s tooth I’m having a real problem with how to wire wrap the dang thing. It’s a bad shape, would be better if I could hang it sharp side up…but that would look silly.

Waiting for my sister to say it’s ok to try to drill through the top part of the tooth. I told her I’m not sure how “fossilized” it’s become. It’s definitely been worn by being in the sea, but it also looks like it’s been in the process of fossilizing. I may be able to drill directly into the top of it, instead of drilling a hole horizontally.

Anyone out there drilled a hole through a partially fossilized shark’s tooth?

Weekend in Monterey at the Beach Resort at Seaside

OMGosh…Best Western’s Beach Resort Monterey was very nice! We walked into the main lobby and my niece, nephew and I left my mom at the front desk and immediately put our noses to the wall-to-wall windows facing the ocean. You’d think we’ve never seen the ocean before. We arrived about 12:30, since our rooms wouldn’t be ready until 3:oo pm we went out to the beach to roam. (We had oceanfront rooms on the ground level) After settling in, cleaning off the sand and changing clothes (those of us that got all wet) we drove into town to find dinner. Ate at Chili’s then came back…my sister, niece and I took a long walk north and took pictures of the sunset.

Saturday morning I got up around 5:45 to hit the beach looking for glass and whatnot before hightide hit again. Shut the door, turned around and saw Humpback whales swimming not too far off shore! Spun around and pounded on our two rooms for everyone to come out to look. After all the excitement three of us went back to bed and the rest of us went for a very long walk towards Monterey. We found lots of sea glass, some bones, cool rocks with worm holes, 2 dead seals and lots of whole sand dollars….we left the seals there. On the way back we had dolphins follow us back.

Looking back at the hotel, which is the next group of buildings past the brown condos.

Back to the hotel to clean up and then went to the Aquarium.

And my absolute favorite ~ the Rays. They are so soft…and I love feeding them. They were my favorite 20 years ago and they’re still my favorite.

After a mini arguement on where to catch the 17 Mile Drive, we found it and headed on our way. BIL drooled over the golf courses and the large homes…we ooowwww-ahhhhed over the beach and seals.

Back to the hotel…scoured the phone book for a pizza place, drove to pick up dinner. Then off for another evening walk for more glass. The same time I found a sharks tooth (1/2 if a fossilized Great White tooth), my sister found some blue glass…we exchanged as that is what we were looking for! 🙂 Had to reign in the boy from chasing seagulls and headed back.

Sunday morning I went for a walk by myself, didn’t see whales nor dolphins, but there were three seals playing in the surf in the direction I was walking. I took some plastic bags and collected trash while picking up sea glass and rocks…I did throw the broken glass back out into the ocean, hoping someday someone else can comb the beach for sea glass. 🙂 It’s amazing how we humans litter the beach…plastic and paper trash everywhere! If you had room to pack it in, then you have room to pack it out. Grrrr.

We left about 9:30-ish back for Sparks. Went from 66F-68F partly foggy partly sunny to high 90F smoke filled sky. Welcome home. ACK!

Forgot to show my treasures ~ here they are!

My sister just sent me her picture of one of the seals from the 17 Mile Drive near Pebble Beach ~ he’s laughing at something! Probably getting a good laugh at all of us taking pictures.

Monterey, Here We Come!

Tomorrow morning we are heading out of Nevada to Monterey and I can’t wait!

We’ll be staying at Best Western’s Beach Resort Monterey…the only hotel right on the beach! I’m beside myself with excitement.

My only worry is that my husband will kill off my garden in the three days that I’ll be gone. 😦 Big sigh. I’m very happy that I finished the drip system out front…even though it aggravated my carpal tunnel in the the right hand and I gouged three fingers on the left with a pair of long nose pliers. Grrr. On top of that, I took a header in the garden and hit the right side of my head.

And…you know how some places have pretty fog…well, we don’t have that pretty fog, we have brown, icky, smelly smoke that has blanketed the valley like fog…and in another STAGE 1 ALERT. And I’m having troubles breathing, my eyes hurt and I’m very tired of California blowing their wildfire smoke into Nevada. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of our own smoke soon…please keep yours! Patooey.

First Garden Harvest ~ and More!

I harvested my first squash and pulled up the peas last night…

It has been really hot these past few weeks here in Northern Nevada and my pea plants were turning brown fast. So I yanked them up and picked all the pea pods off. I was able to harvest about 7 cups of peas. Note to self: Plant more pea plants and EARLIER in the season. I’ve redirected the pumpkin vines to head towards where the peas used to be. Now there is more room for them to wander off to.

The squash was sauteed with onions last night for dinner along with bbq’d chicken. Yum. My husband pretty much polished off all the radishes I pulled. Good thing there are lots more where those came from. LOL!

CORN! I have lots of corn growing…

Finally have cucumbers and lots of peppers too:

I finished up the drip system on the one side of the front yard the other night. Started in on the other side but when I cut into the existing line (we did not put the system in and I wanted to extend it to the new plants) I found out that the water was coming from a different direction than what I thought. Heh. So I had to cap it off for the night. Went to Home Depot as it was closest here to work…but they had NO 5/8″ T’s!!! Good grief. Stopped off at Lowes on the way home and they had what I needed. Tonight I will finish off the other side of the front yard’s drip system.

Worked on my Simple Woman Summer Swap present up until midnight…only one more hour to go and I’ll be wrapping it up and sending it to Texas. My swap partner is Becky of Small Town Heart, and it was a lot of fun making her present. Can’t wait to send it off! I hope she likes it. Can’t post pictures here yet…so I’ve been sending them to friends to look at. ACK!

I’m already packing for my 3-day trip to Monterey! I can’t wait! I haven’t been to the ocean since Thanksgiving weekend. And it was cool then. Supposedly the hotel is right on the beach. Hee! Will have to call mom and ask her the name again…I forgot.

Just wanted to say that my friend, Sue, could use prayers for her daughter. She is going through some extremely tough problems and needs some good thoughts, hugs and prayers. Thank you.