The Red Wing Crock

I love Red Wing pottery ~ especially the crocks, and we’ve always had 3 of them in the house while growing up. I had always assumed that they came from my dad’s side of the family, who is from Red Wing, MN. But have since learnt that they’re from the other side of the family from Nebraska.

The crocks are one of the few things that I really really really wanted handed down to me ~ and mom let me have 2 of them so far. 😉

Mom said that the 8 gallon crock was the maker of dill pickles and the hider of California walnuts. Grandma and Great Grandma, in Lynch, Nebraska, would make dill pickles by adding the cucumbers to the pickling brine and place a large dish on top of the crock. And it hid walnuts that were sent by my Great Aunt Hazel (who had moved to Los Angeles) ~ in plain view of the all the kids when they operated and lived in the hotel. She said they never did figure out where her mom was getting them from…she’d only pull out a small bunch at a time to put out.

I seriously debated on using the 2 gallon crock to make dill pickles this year. But chickened out and took the “fast route” ~ maybe next year!

Great Grandma’s Quilts

Thought I’d share my three quilts that I received from my Grandma McDonald’s side of the family (my mom’s mom).

My Grandma Mac was born in Lynch, Nebraska and was immediately adopted by Daniel Boon & Ella Myrtle Park Chambers, also of Lynch (by way of Windsor, MO).  Boon and Myrtle adopted four children ~ not sure if she could not have children or that they just wanted to adopt.  

Myrtle Park Chambers was born in Windsor, Missouri in 1888 to James & Sarah Lydia Bishop Park and died in Lynch, NE 1962.  In 1905 she married Boon Chambers in Clinton, Mo and they then moved to Lynch, NE where Boon and his family homesteaded in 1890.  They moved a couple of times between Lynch and Missouri but settled in Lynch and both died there.  

We’re not really sure when Great Grandma Chambers made her quilt ~ but there are a lot of feed-sacks incorporated in it, so I’m guessing 1920-1930.  It’s a full-size (or double bed) quilt and from what I was able to gather in one of my quilt books, the pattern is called BLOCKADE. Grandma Mac said this quilt was machine pieced and quilted on her mom’s treadle sewing machine.

Myrtle’s mother, Sarah Lydia Bishop Park, was born to William Henry and Susan Adams Bishop in Franklin County, Missouri in 1869. She died in Lynch, NE in 1955. Lydia married James Wallace Park and lived in Missouri until James’ death and then moved to Lynch, NE after marrying George Earl Douglas (both of them are buried in Lynch).

The year Lydia’s daughter,  Ella Myrtle Park,  was married she hand appliqued onto four large (36″ square) muslin blocks a Princess Feather in green and red.  For some reason she never made those four blocks into a quilt.  My mom ended up with the blocks and in 2001 she decided to quilt them as four separate wall hangings…one for my sister, me, grandma,  and herself.  She bound them with a dark green binding and then hand quilted all four sides of the Princess Feather.

I also have a great Dresden Plate quilt (full-size) that was hand pieced and hand quilted by my Grandma’s biological grandmother, Grace Walker…also of Lynch, NE. We are guessing it was pieced around my grandma’s birth in 1916…but could have been well into the 20’s. This quilt also includes feed-sacks…and appliqued onto green fabric with a yellow backing. She hand quilted tiny 1″ diamonds/diagonal lines. She was definitely a great hand quilter ~ itty-bitty stitches!

I guess I come by my love of quilts and quilting naturally! 😀