It’s going to be a beautiful day for geocaching!

Sunrise from Sparks, NV

Sunrise from Sparks, NV

Sunrise from Sparks, NV…cool clouds.

Sunrise from Sparks, NV…cool clouds.

Same sunrise, only from UNR and about 20 minutes later.

Same sunrise, only from UNR and about 20 minutes later.

Weekend Roundup ~ 22 September 2014

Depending on which ever way the wind blows, our days here in the Truckee Meadows either start off looking like this:

Morning smoke from the King Fire in Pollock Pines, CA.

Morning smoke from the King Fire in Pollock Pines, CA.

Or, yesterday’s sunrise pre-settling of smoke:

Canada geese flying by Sunday morning ~ 21 Sept 2014

Canada geese flying by Sunday morning ~ 21 Sept 2014

As of this morning, the King fire has burnt 87,592 acres and is only 18% contained. Come on Mom Nature! Bring them some rain already!

Friday I took 4 hours of annual leave and stopped off for some canning jars as I had mustard seeds soaking in some Sierra Nevada 2014 Beer Camp West Coast Double IPA.

I adapted a recipe I saw using Guinness Stout:

In a glass bowl add the following: 1 cup yellow mustard seed, .5 cup of brown mustard seed, 12 oz IPA or dark beer, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 2-3 tsp of sea or kosher salt, 1 tsp coarse ground pepper, 1/4 tsp each of cloves, nutmeg and allspice. You can add turmeric for yellow coloring, but I didn’t use it. Let it sit on the counter, covered, for two days. I stirred it before going to work and then when I got home. Plop it all into a blender or food processor and grind away until you get it how you like it…I added a bit more beer to get it the thickness I liked. Pour into your canning jars and hot bath process for 10 minutes. Being at a higher altitude I processed mine for 20 minutes total.

Beer Mustard in the making.

Beer Mustard in the making.

10 4-oz jars of Sierra Nevada Beer Mustard.

10 4-oz jars of Sierra Nevada Beer Mustard.

I also stopped off at the Sparks Windy Moon Quilts shop to buy a yard of white on white fabric to start a wall hanging quilt. While there I bought the September’s Fat 8th to make a Building Blocks To The Moon in support of ovarian cancer research.

You donate $1 and then you receive a Fat 8th of focus fabric (September’s is a multi-colored Autumn leaf fabric). You then make a 12.5″ block using the fabric, a selected colored fabric by the store (brick red this time) and any fabrics from your stash. Turn in the block by noon of the last day of the month. Both stores are participating in the challenge…anyone who made a block will have their names entered into a drawing where one of us will end up with all the blocks.

I had saved a Mini Medallion tutorial and thought the center block of that would make a great block for that fabric.

My entry to Building Blocks To The Moon…September 2014.

My entry to Building Blocks To The Moon…September 2014.

After finishing up the challenge block, I got my Kate Spain’s Solstice layer cake out and Lori Holt’s tutorial for a Scrappy Cross Roads Block.

Then on Saturday morning, after shooshing my husband out the door for his half day of overtime, brewing a cup of chai latte, I settled in with my pretty winter Solstice fabric. I have four blocks all sewn together, now will put a border or two on it.



Winter Solstice Cross Roads

Winter Solstice Cross Roads

Sneak peak at an upcoming post ~

2014-08-03 12.32.56

Rambling Friday ~ 12 July 2013

Just a few rambles for today. Been insanely busy at work with the new fiscal year, but still was able to take a few days off here and there.

On one of those days off I made SWEET and SAVORY RHUBARB SAUCE that I found on on Mennonite Girls Can Cook’s site. I added a few more cloves of garlic and dried peppers, and I think it could of used a bit more. I used the chicken recipe that they suggested with the recipe, and dinner was wonderful that night! I used a water bath with my batch.


I had the day after The Fourth off too…and made Beer Mustard. Overnight I soaked brown and yellow mustard seeds in Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale (had a bit of ale left for me!).


I probably shouldn’t have drank the rest of the ale as I could have made the mustard a bit more “runnier”…I love it though! It has a BITE to it and sorta makes your nose run. I was able to can 3 half-pints with the recipe I used, will have to find the smaller jars to give as gifts and sell at the November craft fair.


I DID IT!!!!! I paid off my sewing machine on layaway! Yesterday I brought her home with me…but all I had time to do was take her out of the box, look at all the extra feet, and wind one bobbin.


I LOVE the thread compartment…kitties can’t get to the thread now.


My first project will be the Labyrinth lap-size quilt top that I’ll make in class this coming Monday. I even have all my fabric cut out for class. 🙂


Have a great weekend everyone!

11 July 2013 - Reno, Nevada Sunrise

11 July 2013 – Reno, Nevada Sunrise

For Today ~ 1 July 2013 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 1 July 2013

Outside My Window… Blue sky with smoke haze, no clouds looking north, east and west. Going to be a blistering hot day today, probably will break ANOTHER high record. Little sparrows and finches on the bird feeder.

I am thinking… I really wonder what’s wrong with parents these days…why aren’t they instilling morals into those little brats of theirs? On a walk last night we caught five kids (ranging in age from 9-13) throwing good size rocks at a Red Tail Hawks nest that had two fledglings in it. I almost picked up a rock and flung it at them. But we gave them a good chewing out saying they are federally protected birds. The three younger ones cried, but the older ones kept looking up like they wanted to keep throwing. We stuck around until they left. I called Nevada Dept. of Wildlife to see if they made welfare checks. I was worried the older one came back to do some damage.

I am thankful for… for the a/c here at work. Supposed to be 106 today…another record high (like the last 3-4 days in a row).

From the kitchen… I’m thinking of making a pizza, if my herbs don’t wilt from the sun/heat.

I am wearing… Capris, olive green shirt, and sandals.

I am creating… right now I’m pulling out blue and green batiks from my stash. I signed up to take a quilting class as an early birthday present to myself.

I am going… to heat up my lunch soon…leftover Mediterranean turkey burgers.

I am reading… Nothing at the moment, book-wise.

I am hoping… The hawk fledglings are ok. Hate for them to be pushed out of the nest into the waiting hands of thug kids.

I am hearing… The a/c running! 🙂

Around the house… Cleaned…the house is cleaned.

One of my favorite things… pretty fabrics…and having some money to buy said pretty fabrics.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Dial in the batik fabrics to 7 for the quilt. Pay off the rest of my sewing machine (only $138 left to pay!). Figure where to go on the 4th.

Here is a few pictures thought I’d share with you…

Reno/Sparks 01 July 2013 sunrise.

Reno/Sparks 01 July 2013 sunrise.

Pyramid Lake last Saturday.

Pyramid Lake last Saturday.

Part of the last quilt top I made.

Part of the last quilt top I made.

Northern Nevada Sunrise ~ 28 February 2011

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful! Looking southeast from the University of Nevada.

Northern Nevada Sunrise ~ 18 November 2010

While leaving the house this morning I knew we were having ‘the calm before the storm’…no hard frost on the car windows, warm, and a slight breeze. Then I looked to the east…oooooohhhh…we’re going to have a beautiful sunrise! Got to work, parked, and took out my camera from my tote.

Sunrise from University of Nevada, School of Medicine.

For Today ~ 9 July 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 9 July 2009

Outside My Window… Same ole construction workers, only the building is much taller now. Concrete guys putting in walls and sidewalks. Blue sky…no clouds looking north out of my window. A big crane.

I am thinking… My head hurts. Me thinks I’m scrowling and furrowing the brows too much the last 3 days. I want a massage. Are those Toyota Prius commericals the neatest? I’m going to fill up the cast-iron claw tub up with lots of hot water and a bath bomb tonight and stay in there until the water is cold.

I am thankful for… my job, my family, my house.

From the kitchen… Better be clean dishes when I get home.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, sage green/purple blouse, hair was down but now its up…with my brows and eyes looking like Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry…Go Ahead MAKE MY DAY!

I am creating… Wrinkles in my forehead.

I am going… slightly mad
I’m going slightly mad
It finally happened – happened
It finally happened – ooh oh
It finally happened – I’m slightly mad
Oh dear!
I’m one card short of a full deck
I’m not quite the shilling
One wave short of a shipwreck
I’m not at my usual top billing
I’m coming down with a fever
I’m really out to sea
This kettle is boiling over
I think I’m a banana tree

I am reading… I’m almost finished with Denis Leary’s Why We Suck…a Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… The copier and the person moaning that they put the paper upside down (blank copies)…me giggling.

Around the house… a bath tub just waiting for me to come home.

One of my favorite things… three feather pillows, a goose-down bed top and a ceiling fan…with me under the fan and on top of the other two.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… to make it through Friday.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… Sunrise on 3 July 2009. I was watering the garden in the backyard early in the morning. The steeple is from the chruch next door to us.




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Thursday’s Ramblings on Gardens, Sunrises, and Dark Chocolate!

Just some ramblings for Thursday…nothing concrete, not that I’m concrete on any other day! 🙂

Sunrise (taken through my office window yesterday morning) ~

Sunrise, this morning!

I picked my first corn a couple of days ago! OMGOSH! So good! And I cut up the cucumbers with some red onion and poured apple cider vinegar over them. I just love cucs that way.

I decided to try Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups ~ I love Reese’s Cups but wanted to try Newman’s dark chocolate ones. I’ve heard good and bad about them.

Well…they were NOT awful, very edible. The peanut butter centers were more powdery/chalky solid than Reese’s. Chocolate was pretty good. All in all, I’d eat them again. Wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them, but wouldn’t turn one down either.

Also wanted to try Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa content…

those that said Newman’s was AWFUL said they liked Green & Black’s chocolate better. Not sure what drugs they were on…but it must had made them highly delusional! Holy Cow! That was a piece of crap! I had to rinse my mouth out. ACK! I absolutely love dark chocolate…so I took a big ole bite of the bar…BIG MISTAKE! Ugh. Most definitely will never buy that chocolate again.

My chocolate search continues…

Have to get another pumpking shot in…this is my baby one. I can’t wait until October!

We found these eggs in the junipers we tore out of the yard…maybe some scrub jay eggs? There didn’t seem to be much in them. I think they were duds. They’re very pretty. Like someone painted them with brown watercolours!

Leaving you with a pretty flower from Rancho San Rafael ~