For Today ~ 12 June 2013 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 12 June 2013

Outside My Window… Blue sky, no clouds (yet) with a breeze picking up speed.

I am thinking… How long it will take me to snap with my neighbor’s loud, annoying alarm clock going off at 3 am, with her letting it go off and on until she drags her lazy ass out of bed at 4? I’m awake at the first two rings…is she taking drugs at night to sleep?! WAKE UP! It really takes an hour to get up out of bed?! Holy Cow!

I am thankful for… the downpour we got a few days ago, luckily my area didn’t flood and my veggies on the deck are growing like crazy.

From the kitchen… last night I made Turmeric Chicken with Sumac & Lime , if you make it, cut down the salt to 1 tsp or less! Tonight will be just a pasta with whatever veggies I have on hand.

I am wearing… Capris, margarita lime green shirt, and sandals.

I am creating… Two baby quilts (getting ready for our November craft fair). I pulled out a stack of 3.5″ 1930’s charms I cut out last year and made HST out of them. Added a bunch of different HST quilt patterns to my quilt board on Pinterest, not exactly sure which two I’ll use yet.

I am going… to either Office Depot or Staples to buy a memory card for my camera…have reward money to both of them.

I am reading… Just finished a time travel series of books and I pulled up one called Angel’s Ink The Asylum Tales (I download LOTS of free ebooks on FB Nook Book Free Fridays).

I am hoping… we can stay in the mid-80’s for at least the rest of June, that 100 degree stretch was unbearable.

I am hearing… Phones ringing in other offices and me typing.

Around the house… Laundry…bedding needs to be washed.

One of my favorite things… Being lazy, in the water, at Pyramid Lake, with a margarita and inner tube.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Press open HST so I can start sewing them together.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… last night’s sunset.




Photographs from the Mark Vollmer Fieldtrip to Washoe Valley

Well ~ Saturday we all met up at TMCC’s Meadowood building and carpooled down to the south end of Washoe Valley. Our first stop (besides Wendy’s so Colleen could buy a hamburger) was the wildlife viewing area with the boardwalk.

Very windy (what’s new for Washoe Valley, eh?!) down there. Not much to see but blackbirds ~ both red-winged and yellow-headed. You can’t see far into the lake from the viewing platform unless you have a telephoto lens that goes to as least 200mm…mine only goes to 72mm. So I took lots of fence pictures ~ 😀

Washoe Lake Boardwalk Platform
Downed Fence

We saw a flock of pelicans towards the enterance of Washoe Valley State Park so three of us headed back to see if they were still there. Parked at the trailhead of Deadman’s Creek trail and walked over to state park. No pelicans, but there was a redtail hawk sitting in her nest, who flew off once we were close enough for pictures. The bugger. I walked down to the beach while my sister and mom stayed under a couple of bird nest. Colleen got GREAT photos of a Western Tanager…and continued to get great pictures while teasing me with none.

We then went back to the trailhead to wait for the rest of the group ~ took a few pictures in the bottom part of the trail. Figured out the stupid macro on my camera there. 🙄

Deadman Creek TrailheadDesert PeachMormon TeaBark hanging off tree

Lots of Phlox, Indian Paintbrush and Alpine Lupine on the way up to the top and at the top where the gazebo is. Sunset wasn’t that great, but pretty none-the-less.

Alpine LupineDaisiespaint brushphlox

And here’s a picture of Mark Vollmer setting up his shot of the sunset ~

Mark Vollmer

DESERT IN BLOOM SLIDESHOW ~ I put most of my pictures (I took over 200 so I’ve narrowed it down some) onto my webshot’s album ~ I’m nv_michelle there.

All photos taken with a Canon Powershot S2 IS.