The Pumpkin Faeries’ House

I bought a handmade house for the pumpkin Faeries that live in my pumpkin patch…just thought I’d share a picture.

Sometimes when I’m quietly reading in the sunroom I glance out the window and see them playing in the pumpkin patch. I also have caught our Scrub Jays sharing their goobers with them.

The jays sqawk…the faeries peek out their door…and then a peanut is exchanged! I saw six peanuts in their house while watering the pumpkins! I guess faeries love peanuts too!

This is Keegan…he likes to keep an eye out on the wee faeries. He’s very friendly, loves to come talk to me while I’m outside.

This artwork, October Pumpkin Fairies, is by John Randall York ~ one of my favorite fairy artists. He loves Halloween and Autumn as much as I do! 🙂 The wee Pumpkin Patch Faeries look a lot like John’s paintings ~