Wordless Wednesday ~ Last Night’s Moon

Panasonic Lumix FZ150

Panasonic Lumix FZ150

2014-11-04 17.18.39
11/04/2014 Sparks, NV around 5:10 pm PST.

11/04/2014 Sparks, NV around 5:10 pm PST.

11/04/2014 Sparks, NV around 5:10 pm PST.

11/04/2014 Sparks, NV around 5:10 pm PST.

Steam Engine 844 ~ UP150 Express in Sparks, Nevada

The Union Pacific’s steam engine No. 844 was in Sparks, Nevada yesterday…and I took the day off to go see it! Most of the photographs are taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ150 in Film Grain mode.

No. 844 is traveling 13,000 miles through 15 states as part of Union Pacific’s 150th anniversary celebration. The tour makes its next stop in Ogden, Utah, on Saturday, September 22. From Ogden, the UP 150 Express heads to Sparks, Nevada, for a stop on September 26. The sixth leg of the tour will conclude when No. 844 anchors a huge, two-day signature event in Old Sacramento September 29-30 that will include free excursion train rides and free entrance into both the California State Railroad Museum and Sacramento History Museum.

The traveling exhibit takes visitors back in time using the latest interactive touch screen technology to illustrate how Union Pacific supported communities as they were established along the way as the transcontinental railroad was built. The interactive experience culminates with the modern Union Pacific Railroad, which transports goods American businesses and consumers use every day.

Steam Locomotive No. 844 is the last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific Railroad. It was delivered in 1944. A high-speed passenger engine, it pulled such widely known trains as the Overland Limited, Los Angeles Limited, Portland Rose and Challenger. When diesels took over all of the passenger train duties, No. 844 was placed in freight service in Nebraska between 1957 and 1959. It was saved from being scrapped in 1960 and held for special service. The engine has run hundreds of thousands of miles as Union Pacific’s ambassador of goodwill.

Sierra Valley Barns

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know one of my favorite places to be is up in Sierra Valley, California. It was a beautiful Saturday (3 March 2012) so we packed the cribbage board and horseshoes and off we went to Portola, Loyalton, Sierraville, Vinton, and Chilcoot.

Here are a few of the barns out in the valley ~ and one house ~ all photographs were taken on March 3rd. I ran them through my Pixlr-o-matic photo editing app (mainly “old”, “metal”, “sand” and “scrap”).

Sierra Valley Sunset ~ 3 March 2012

The sunset from our drive yesterday ~ taken bewteen Loyalton and Vinton, California.

I’m getting better at shooting the moon ~ 1 Feb 2012


A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful photographers over on Facebook’s EarthSky group for guiding me on what settings to try. You are the BEST!

Last night, around 18:08, I gave the manual settings ISO 400, 1/1000, F5.6 a try on my Panasonic Lumix FZ150 and this is what I got:

***Note*** No tripod yet (hopefully it will come today or tomorrow); hand held; no cropping; I did run it through PhotoShop’s Cooling Filter (80). Does my camera have a great zoom or what?! 🙂

Click on image for a closer view.

Venus & Moon ~ 25 January 2012 ~ Evening Sky over Reno, NV

I saw on EarthSky that there would be a great pairing of the moon and Venus so I took my camera out to the backyard yesterday evening…and promptly decided my tripod, that I’ve had for 25+ years, needs to be upgraded. LOL! I tried though and here are a few shots using my Panasonic FZ150.


To set things up…a picture of STAR WALK app on my iPad.

Da Moon ~ around 5 pm using just the auto setting on my camera and hand held.

This one around 7-ish pm.


When you look at a crescent moon shortly after sunset or before sunrise, you can sometimes see not only the bright crescent of the moon, but also the rest of the moon as a dark disc. That pale glow on the unlit part of a crescent moon is light reflected from Earth. It’s called “earthshine.”

🙂 That’s what I caught in this photograph!