Show and Tell ~ My First Wire Wrapped Class

Ok…after seeing the pictures up-close, I see some adjustments needed and a few mistakes I made…but all in all, I like it. 🙂

Classes at Mill Street Beads & Rocks, here in Reno, are only $25 AND all the tools and supplies are included. Unfortunetly, they are retiring and closing up shop soon. Anyhoo…there were four stone beads to choose from, I picked a pretty olive green one since we were using copper wire.

Fun! Fun! Fun! I bought a few packets of copper square and half-round 21 gauge to play with it some more.

I’ll be using some liver of sulphur on this pendant to antique the copper…it’s way too bright for me. 🙂

I need to scoochie the wraps closer together and get rid of the black mark.

The front.

The back of the piece.

Here is a piece of petrified wood I’m going to try next! I just don’t know which side to make the front. What do you think? I bought this for $3 up in Chilcoot, CA on our way to Portola after class…it was Train Days (will post pics on Monday).

Which side should be the front?!

Tuesday’s Ramblings ~ 04 November 2008

The Reno Mineral and Gem Society had a craft fair at one of the local malls…while looking around on Sunday we ran into my husband’s aunt and uncle (he’s a geologist). Tom showed me some of his collections that were on sale. He let me have two pieces of fluorite on dolomite, from a mine in Tennessee, for $7.50. One is mine (the large fluorite crystal) and the other will be a Christmas gift for my niece. I also picked up a couple of petrified twigs for .50 cents.

It snowed up in the Sierra last night! Rained like the dickens down here in the valley…frozen rain on the car this morning. Grrr. I hate scraping the windows.

Some leaves that were in front of the back entry way to my work building.

Was playing with the camera settings on Halloween ~