Wee Bit of Sunshine brings the Bees out to work

We had a break in the grey cloudy rainy sky on Sunday…bit of sunshine poked through! Was out and about the yard and found lots of bees on the purple salvia and poppy plants. I didn’t get a picture of one bee…but she/he was sorta whitish with GREEN eyes. Very beautiful. It was zipping to fast for me to get it’s picture. I also saw a pretty black/purple bee…I think he was a Carpenter bee..

Not sure where their hive is, but I’m glad to share my yard with them.

Monday ~ Just pictures…

Just wanted to post some pictures today that I took over the weekend…too busy at work today to do much anything else.

Poppies in the front yard. Flowers at Idlewild Park. And the old SPRR Machine Shop at the Sparks (now) UPRR Yard at sunset.

So Flippin’ Ready for Spring

Big sigh…

Since my bulbs are only 2″ high at the moment ~ thought I’d post pictures of some of my yard’s flowers from last year.  I can’t wait to get my hands into the soil again!  I was pulling some weeds out around my iris’ and about froze my fingers off ~ the soil was warm for the first inch or so, but VERY COLD after that.  But I noticed the crocus, daffies, lupine, poppies, mums, iris, and tulips were all starting to sprout new growth.

Calfornia Poppies Delphiniums

Columbine Thistle

Wee Sunflower Big Sunflower

Lilacs Peony

Old English Rose Lupine