Western Pacific Railroad Museum Kitty ~ Zephyr

We like to go to Portola’s Western Pacific Railroad Museum quite a bit…and there’s a cat that I always see roaming the rail yard. She’s very friendly and loves her belly rubbed. 🙂

Here she was last October…the first time I met her…she followed me around the yard while I was taking pictures.

This was Zephyr back in April, sunning herself on a cold, sunny April afternoon…

And here is how we found her on Memorial Day (30 May 2010)…in a construction cone next to the old GMC SP Fire Truck.

Portola, Ca ~ Western Pacific Railroad Train Museum

We like to go up to Portola and Sierra Valley quite a bit…and I always see something new at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum to take pictures of. Even though it’s probably the same thing I saw before, just in a different light.

So bear with me…going to post more photos of the area that I took on 11 October 09.

First three photographs are taken just east of Portola on the middle fork of the Feather River…dropped my husband off there and he rode his bike along the path to the train museum where by then, I was walking around waiting for him.

The rest are from the Western Pacific Railroad Museum…at the rail yard. You’ll probably figure out that I like textures.