Ferrari Farm’s Pumpkin Patch ~ Reno, Nevada ~ 2014

A few photographs from Ferrari Farm, off of Mill Street, that I took the other day.

Small portion of picked pumpkins.

Small portion of picked pumpkins.

The old barn.

The old barn.

Shed with wash basin.

Shed with wash basin.

North side of farm where the tractor ride rumbles along.

North side of farm where the tractor ride rumbles along.

North side of farm with a corn field.

North side of farm with a corn field.

Ferrari Farm’s Pumpkin Patch ~ Reno, NV ~ October 2012

Ferrari Farm’s pumpkin patch, corn maze, big ole pumpkin bounce house, corn stalks, and hay rides are in full-swing now! I love how they set it up this year…lots more parking and a bit more compact. They’re open on Mon-Thurs from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm; Fri-Sat from 9:30 am to 10 pm; and Sunday from 9:30 to 6 pm. 4701 Mill Street, between Rock and McCarran.

How My Garden Grows ~ Mid June 2012 ~ Reno, Nevada

My small garden has taken off with the warm nights and hot days we’ve been having lately here in Reno!


Barrel full of Red Onions

Potatoes, Chives, Thyme, Oregano, Tarragon, Rosemary, and Catnip.

Beets…lots of them with garlic to the right and some more onions in front.

3 types of zucchinis on the left with a bunch of beans on the right.

Sugar Peas…there are carrots to the left.

BABY zucs!

Back right ~ japanese eggplant, Left ~ cucumbers, Front ~ pumpkins

Big box has oodles of heirloom tomatoes, two containers on the left have tomatillos.

Lots of different peppers and one basil.

Grapes…lots of grapes forming on the very old vine.

Pears are getting larger…branches are starting to droop.

Lattin & Workman’s Farms ~ Fallon, Nevada

Posting a few pictures of my drive to Fallon ~ stopped off at Lattin Farm, bowled two games (a 137, which was a VERY abnormal game for me…cuz wait for it! My next game was much more normal…72), then I stopped at Workman’s Farms for a pumpkin. As much as I like Lattin’s Farm…they were way too busy and I couldn’t get anyone to tell me how much the pumpkins were. Workman’s has them 2 or $5 or a VERY LARGE one for $5. I’ll be going back out there…as when I went inside to pay for my pumpkin I spied FABRIC! Lots and lots of pretty fabric! Back to Lattin’s…you can make scarecrows for $5 and take them home with you. Corn Maze. You can get a discount online if you google them. BBQ’s. Pick your own berries and pumpkins. They still have maters on the vines. Critters to feed. Kids to whip around dragging behind an atv/tractor. Hayrides out to the pumpkin patch.

Tuesday’s Rambles ~ 12 October 2010

YEA GIANTS!!!!!!!! What an awesome game last night guys!!!! Thanks Cody, you were AWESOME! Maddie! And Thank You BRIAN for that ‘I Can’t Watch the Ninth Inning!’…I was peeking through my fingers like I do on some horror films!



Two pictures…just because they make me smile! 🙂 Can’t remember, but I think they are Getty pictures.


Check out Blaze Bratcher’s new Store Front…she has some amazing watercolours! I’m saving my money up for the My Quilt II print. Blaze is a great artist ~ SUPPORT HER! 🙂


I made 3 quarts and 6 pints of Purple Tomatillo Salsa on Sunday while listening to game 3 of the Giants & Braves. My sister grew some tomatillos so I can make salsa for my BIL. 🙂 Has a nice purple tint to the salsa, eh? I used last years RECIPE, the one from New Mexico State University. Only this time I added some serrano peppers to the mix…and roasted the tomatillos and peppers before putting them through the food processor! 🙂


Sunday, after church, we drove over to Ferrari Farms along the Truckee River on Mill Street.

Isn’t she a cutie-patootie?


My two itty-bitty pumpkins I bought at Ferrari Farms…next to a bowl I painted a few years back.


Still stuck in a Nickelback groove…love the Dark Horse album. Where it says ‘Embedding disabled by request’ just click on Watch on Youtube. Love this song.


Empire Mine Historical Park in Grass Valley, CA.