Wordless Wednesday ~ 8 April 2015


Funny Fish Tale ~ Pyramid Lake

North Wino Beach, Pyramid Lake.

North Wino Beach, Pyramid Lake.

My husband’s friend, Pedro, will soon be moving to Arizona and Pedro still hasn’t gone fishing out at Pyramid Lake…so they loaded up the truck yesterday and went.

I texted my friend, Reva, who has fished out there, and she suggested Wino Beach since they don’t have ladders or a boat. The two of them used mine and Lee’s poles, which have been sitting in the back of the truck for at least two years without any use (yes, I know…shameful). IE: the line was probably pretty brittle.

Lee’s first cast out was beautiful, I was told, and my nice, pretty lure made an awesome arc…and never came back.

I was told it was an offering to the Pyramid Lake Fish Gods.

I’m not buying it.

After about 15 minutes of laughing so hard that my face hurt, I told him he’s buying me a new lure.

For Today ~ 6 January 2014 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 6 January 2014

Outside My Window… High clouds blanketing a blue sky. Snow covering the rocks outside still (no direct sunlight to melt the snow that fell what seems like eons ago).

I am thinking… Wow…it’s really been since August 2013 since my last post?! I’ve been uninspired lately, sorta in a funk. I hate where I live. It’s not conducive to quilting nor baking/cooking, which I love to do. Even my photography hasn’t given me much joy. So, I’m going to pull myself up by my bootstraps and move forward! 🙂 I’m also thinking whoever is on the end of 971-208-9936 is VERY lucky we can’t grab throats through the telephone lines, because I would if I could…9 phone calls since 8:18 am PST is driving me crazy. Stupid spam callers.

I am thankful for… the space heater under my work desk. My friend April, my sister Colleen. My new town home come January 24th (yes, you heard right. ANOTHER move)

From the kitchen… Not much since most of it is packed up. Going out to eat tonight…have an Amazon Local deal I bought.

I am wearing… Tennis shoes, jeans, long-sleeved grey blouse.

I am creating… Nothing! All of my fabric is packed. Except for these lovely Pat Bravo 1/2 yards I bought from Hawthorne Threads with a gift certificate! Mostly from Carnaby Street and Summerlove with a few thrown in from Bazaar Style, Rapture, Rhapsodia and Poetica. 🙂 Pat’s fabrics make me happy.

Pat Bravo half-yard bundle.

Pat Bravo half-yard bundle.


I am going… to keep searching Craig’s List for a couch and washer/dryer for the new town home. I found a couch for $200 (looks brand new), but for some stupid reason my husband filled up the back of the pickup truck with stuff from the garage already. IE: no way to get said couch if I decide on buying it. I should unload the truck when I get home tonight.

I am reading… I also packed all my books. But I do have my nook I should pull out.

I am hoping… That if we get any snow and rain it comes fast and not on January 24th!

I am hearing… a postdoc down the hall going over research with his PI.

Around the house… boxes. Cats are getting squirrely. Lucy is making sure we won’t forget to move her.


One of my favorite things… My kitties…





A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Pack more. Maybe go to the Nevada Museum of Art. Walk a little more.

Here is a few pictures thought I’d share with you…

Six Mile Canyon, Virginia City

Six Mile Canyon, Virginia City

guy fishing at Pyramid Lake…on a ladder

guy fishing at Pyramid Lake…on a ladder

See?  Ladder!

See? Ladder!

Nevada sunset…can't forget you show you that.  :)

Nevada sunset…can’t forget you show you that. 🙂

For Today ~ 1 July 2013 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 1 July 2013

Outside My Window… Blue sky with smoke haze, no clouds looking north, east and west. Going to be a blistering hot day today, probably will break ANOTHER high record. Little sparrows and finches on the bird feeder.

I am thinking… I really wonder what’s wrong with parents these days…why aren’t they instilling morals into those little brats of theirs? On a walk last night we caught five kids (ranging in age from 9-13) throwing good size rocks at a Red Tail Hawks nest that had two fledglings in it. I almost picked up a rock and flung it at them. But we gave them a good chewing out saying they are federally protected birds. The three younger ones cried, but the older ones kept looking up like they wanted to keep throwing. We stuck around until they left. I called Nevada Dept. of Wildlife to see if they made welfare checks. I was worried the older one came back to do some damage.

I am thankful for… for the a/c here at work. Supposed to be 106 today…another record high (like the last 3-4 days in a row).

From the kitchen… I’m thinking of making a pizza, if my herbs don’t wilt from the sun/heat.

I am wearing… Capris, olive green shirt, and sandals.

I am creating… right now I’m pulling out blue and green batiks from my stash. I signed up to take a quilting class as an early birthday present to myself.

I am going… to heat up my lunch soon…leftover Mediterranean turkey burgers.

I am reading… Nothing at the moment, book-wise.

I am hoping… The hawk fledglings are ok. Hate for them to be pushed out of the nest into the waiting hands of thug kids.

I am hearing… The a/c running! 🙂

Around the house… Cleaned…the house is cleaned.

One of my favorite things… pretty fabrics…and having some money to buy said pretty fabrics.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week… Dial in the batik fabrics to 7 for the quilt. Pay off the rest of my sewing machine (only $138 left to pay!). Figure where to go on the 4th.

Here is a few pictures thought I’d share with you…

Reno/Sparks 01 July 2013 sunrise.

Reno/Sparks 01 July 2013 sunrise.

Pyramid Lake last Saturday.

Pyramid Lake last Saturday.

Part of the last quilt top I made.

Part of the last quilt top I made.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada ~ 6 April 2013

Pyramid Lake.  Warrior's Point.  Looking at Needles during morning.

Pyramid Lake. Warrior’s Point. Looking at Needles during morning.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada.  Evening.  Setting sun hitting the Needles.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Evening. Setting sun hitting the Needles.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada.  The Needles...sun going down.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The Needles…sun going down.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada.  Looking NW from Warrior's Point.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Looking NW from Warrior’s Point.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada.  From Warrior's Point.  Twilight.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. From Warrior’s Point. Twilight.

More Pyramid Lake…Tufa Mounds

TUFA ~ deposits of calcium carbonate formed within the lake.

There are three tufa varieties, including lithoid (dense), thinolitic (crystalline), and dendritic (branching). Two other varieties have been noted in Pyramid Lake area: A fine-grained carbonate that cements sand and gravel forming beach rock, and a thin white porous carbonate that coats outer surfaces of older tufas.

You can see the shore lines of old Lake Lahontan up in the hills to the right.

The Needles ~ I used to soak in the hot springs at the north end of the lake while in high school and college. They have since been closed by the Paiute Tribe due to people vandalizing the area.

I think these would be called Thinolite crystals.

This just looks like a brain to me. LOL!


More of the old shore lines of Lake Lahontan.


Beachrock Tufa ~

Indian Head Rock tufa mound is composed of interlocking spheres and barrels…and behind me, where I was standing to take this picture was the beachrock slabs.

Concentric layers of dense tufa.

Pyramid Lake ~ The Pyramid, Anaho Island, and a Pelican

When visiting Pyramid Lake we usually don’t get any further south than Wino Beach, but after heading north a bit I decided on going south through Nixon so we could check out the new park we spotted in Lockwood.

So I did a few u-turns along the Sutcliffe/Nixon road (west side of lake)…one u-turn was when I spied (new to me) a binocular station at the south end of the lake right at Popcorn Rock.

(Pyramid dead center with Anaho Island behind the pelican)

It was a viewing area for the American White Pelicans, or Panosa in Paiute. 🙂 One of my “favoritist” birds, ever. Anaho Island, at Pyramid Lake, has been the the largest nesting colony, of the American White Pelican, in the western United States for centuries. After wintering in Southern California and Mexico they head back up in early March.

Guess who was early! Sorry…but he was way on the other side of the lake, that is the best shot I could get.

Following are a few photos of the Pyramid and Anaho Island.

Anaho Island is to the far right, with the pyramid center right.

Anaho Island to the right with the pyramid to the left.

Tomorrow I’ll post some tufa pictures and an the old train route from Wendell, California to Wadsworth, NV.

Friday Rambles…24 September 2010

I’ve had a few (okay…MANY) Sierra Nevada’s…the boys won one in Denver…I got to see ANDRES TORRES and BRIAN WILSON! Neighbors having a nice bbq…the week is ending nicely. Yes, indeed! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Andres IS BACK!!!!! I missed you SO MUCH!

It’s Friday…usually I’d say YAY! at this moment…but I’m still in a funk, I have a headache, it’s going to be 94F this weekend, there are loud and annoying motorcycles in town…the list goes on.

I’d normally say…let’s go down to Genoa and walk around the 90th Annual Candy Dance Craft Fair…but like I said above, it’s going to be HOT! Even up against the Sierra…it’s HOT!


Can’t walk downtown because of loud, annoying HD motorcycles…and people roaming around in clothes that, quite frankly, they have no business wearing! Makes me queasy. Some people really shouldn’t wear leather.


Can’t go up to Virginia City…well…because Harley’s go up there too, where the noise echos very loudly.


If it’s hot down here…it will definitely be hotter over in Placerville, so Apple Hill is out of the question.


The Giants are in Denver, so can’t go to a baseball game.


Speaking of the Giants…COME ON GUYS! 13-0?! A few of us would like you to distribute the runs a bit more evenly over all your games. Feast or Famine! OY! The heartburn! And when you have blowout games like that I don’t get to see Brian close a game! The humanity of it all! I really need a Wilson fix once in a while!

ps: hurry up and heal, Andres! Miss you out in center field!


Maybe Pyramid Lake! San Francisco is a little too far away (especially with no ball game to go to)…and I do need a body of water that’s bigger than the Truckee River and the bath tub.


I do need to finish a few quilts…but have been uninspired.


I have cat “mentoring’ at the Nevada Humane Society next Tuesday…learn the ins and outs of what to do and not to do while volunteering with the cats. Maybe I’ll go volunteer this weekend and walk some dogs…I need the exercise and I’m sure they’d like to stretch their legs too.


I finished reading The Colorado Kid earlier this week…not that great of a book. I think I expected more. I have absolutely no clue how they got SyFy’s Haven tied into Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. Stephen King even wrote that you’ll either love or hate the book…well, I fall into the dislike range. Glad I read it, but won’t stay on my shelf.


This is Jack…he likes Jose, Bushmills Black, Jameson, and Tullamore Dew. 🙂 He’s from California…made by Justin Moeller of JM Ceramics. He makes me smile…even without the Bushmills.


Here’s to me snapping out of my funk! Talk to you next week.

Wednesday’s Ramblings ~ Pyramid Lake & Market Totes

Sunday my husband & I drove up to Pyramid Lake to go swimming and to just get out of town.

We drove a mile or so along the lake front until we settled on a really nice beach that had a VERY big sand shelf. You can walk out a long ways before it starts to slope down. The water was beautiful…nice and warm with a few cold pockets that made you yelp…they sneak up on you! Water was crystal-clear too…that’s not very often out there.

I stayed in the water most of the day swimming, floating, sitting…burnt my face with the water reflection. My eyes are still watering. The rest of me was tanned to begin with so I didn’t burn but a few places.

I’d tell you the name of the beach…but then I’d have to kill you. 🙂 Day passes are only $7…still a pretty good deal.

I made another Jane Market Tote bag last night…I used the Rise N’ Shine fabric line by Glenna Hailey for Maywood Studio.

I wasn’t going to put on the front pocket, but kept eyeing the chicken wire fabric. 🙂

This fabric is from the same line…it’ll be my next tote…I won’t be adding a pocket on this one.

For Today ~ 09 March 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 2 March 2009

Outside My Window… SNOW! WTH!? I heard the weatherman say WIND…not SNOW! Ugh. Lots of it too…3″ in one hour. Peeking out window…School bus crooked on the hill, looks like they’re putting on chains.

I am thinking… SNOW! Just yesterday I was out in the yard clipping a shrub/tree down so we can take it the dump. And repotting seedlings into bigger containers. SNOW! Chili sounds good for dinner. I’m still achy from helping to haul a 3′ piece of rail up a hill into the truck and then into the yard. SNOW!

I am thankful for… That I still have a job in this economy. And that my wee Saturn handles great in snow with just Mud & Snow tires.

From the kitchen… Last night was left over chicken. Not sure about tonight, but as I said above chili sounds good.

I am wearing… blue jeans, tennies, black turtleneck.

I am creating… Still hand stitching on my 10 blocks of a crazy quilt.

I am going… stop thinking about it snowing outside. And not laugh too loud about all the 4×4’s I saw spun around on the freeway…while I trudged along going 35 in white-out conditions.

I am reading… Still reading gardening books and Fons & Porter’s Quilts from the Henry Ford Musuem…that is an amazing book with amazing quilts.

I am hoping… That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… me typing…I guess the snow is slowing people down on getting to work on time.

Around the house… Clean house! 🙂 We added a lot of railroad items to the front yard that we found on Saturday.

One of my favorite things… working in the yard.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… same as last week and the week before that…quilting and wire wrapping/hammering.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Some pictures of our daytrip on Saturday between Pyramid Lake and Wendell.

First picture is of the Needles…the colony closed them off a while back as people were starting to destroy the area. I’ve spent many of weekends and some nights at the hotsprings there. Stupid people always ruin it for all the responsible people.

Just pass the railroad tracks at the south end of the Smoke Creek Desert.

Another of the Needles at the north end of Pyramid Lake.


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