Winter Solstice Crossroads Quilt (and mini pinwheels) ~ Kate Spain fabric

About a month ago, CRAFTSY had Kate Spain’s Solstice layer cakes on sale so I bought one. Then I saw Lori’s scrappy crossroads tutorial. Winter Crossroads was born ~

Early morning piecing with a chai latte.

Early morning piecing with a chai latte.

One block of the Crossroads pattern.

One block of the Crossroads pattern.

Quilt top finished!

Quilt top finished!

Binding the quilt listening to my SF Giants beat the Nationals.  :)

Binding the quilt listening to my SF Giants beat the Nationals. 🙂

All bound!

All bound!

Finished Winter Crossroads quilt using Kate Spain's Solstice.

Finished Winter Crossroads quilt using Kate Spain’s Solstice.

I had enough triangle snippets from Crossroads to make a Mini Winter Pinwheel quilt!

Mini Winter Pinwheel quilt made from triangle snippets of Crossroads.

Mini Winter Pinwheel quilt made from triangle snippets of Crossroads.

Double Irish Chain Quilt ~ Fundraiser for NNGH

My sister, who is a member of the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters , asked me if I had a quilt that I would donate for their group fundraiser.

Since they are holding a fundraiser for the historic Fourth Ward School up in Virginia City on Halloween, October 31st, I decided to make an Irish Chain quilt with reproduction fabrics from part of the school’s time period.


RAFFLE TICKETS are 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00. You can contact them at

Double Irish Chain with 1840-1880 reproduction fabrics.  Raffle quilt for NNGH

Double Irish Chain with 1840-1880 reproduction fabrics. Raffle quilt for NNGH

You can also buy raffle tickets at a fundraiser they are holding for the Palomino Valley Pet Rescue on October 26th from 10am-5pm being held at ANIMAL OASIS RENO, at 1855 East Peckham Lane. There will be a bounce house, popcorn, drinks, low cost vaccinations, $10 doggie baths, and more.

Finished Plan C Briar Rose Baby Quilt

While I was working on a quilt for a raffle I found a quilt top I made back in February. I rummaged through my closet and couldn’t find a piece of batting large enough, so I slapped it up on the design wall to remind me to buy batting on payday.

Saturday I stopped by Hancock Fabrics on the way home from a movie…50% OFF batting!!! Woot!

The pattern I used was Plan C from Carrie Nelson’s Schnibbles Times Two. The fabric is Heather Ross’s Briar Rose.


Lucy and Briar Rose

Lucy and Briar Rose


I cut into the Briar Rose FQ bundle

It’s been a hard move into the townhome we’re renting (if you live in Sparks, NV never rent from Spring Villas), and we’re still fighting to be transferred into a new unit within the complex.

While repacking my sewing room I came across some fabric I bought a while ago, a Briar Rose FQ bundle from Hawthorne Threads.


It’s happy fabric. I’m not happy. I sat there on the floor pulling out some books and came across a happy quilt in the Schnibbles Times Two quilt book.

Last Friday I began cutting into the happy fabric.


Over the weekend I made lots of four-patches and geese.


Last night I started putting the top together ~ I’m making it into a baby quilt. Still have two borders to add.


See? Happy fabric!



Still not happy with the rental management nor the townhome , but I’m a bit calmer now. 🙂

Batik Labyrinth Quilt Top ~ all finished!

I had a furlough day on July 15th and took a class from Sherry, at Windy Moon Quilts, on The Labyrinth. HERE is the pattern…Sherry adapted it to a lap quilt size.

I finished it on Friday ~


Just have to sandwich, quilt, and bind it now. 🙂

A Monday Ramble ~ 18 March 2013

Just a few rambles for this March Monday ~ 18 March 2013

I decided to finish my Denyse Schmidt quilt I started a month ago. Started out with a pile of charms I received from a Denyse Schmidt Charm Swap and with a few cuts from my own stash I went from this:


To a 60″x72″ quilt top ready to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.


But first I must wait to spring my new machine out of layaway prison (should anyone have any money burning a hole in their pocket…she’s sitting at Windy Moon Quilts! 😉 ).


Last week on Facebook I saw this MEYER LEMON LOAF recipe on Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Oh My Word! It’s very tasty! My husband and I have almost polished off one loaf…I stuck the other on in the freezer.

My loaf isn’t as pretty as theirs…the pan I used was a bit bigger than what they suggested. Use the smaller loaf pan, it’ll look bigger. LOL!



Over the weekend we went to SWAN LAKE, in Lemmon Valley, to see if we could spy any birds. I walked along the Marsh boardwalk, but it was sorta of disappointing. Besides the sparrows and finches…we saw Mallards, Northern Harriers and Canada Geese. That’s it. I’ve been there before when there were quite a few swans and other water fowl.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Such a pretty birdie.

Such a pretty birdie.

Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier


Headed up to Frenchman’s Lake too…we like the little day area below the dam.

Creek below Frenchman's Lake.

Creek below Frenchman’s Lake.

Slushy ice behind the dam.

Slushy ice behind the dam.

Older guy fishing.  Looked like everyone was pulling out some fish that day.

Older guy fishing. Looked like everyone was pulling out some fish that day.

For Today ~ 14 March 2013 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 14 March 2013

Outside My Window… High grey clouds, birds on an empty bird feeder, huge (10′ high 30′ wide) pile of mulch.

I am thinking… a certain vindictive family member really needs to reflect on who it is that actually has the anger problem.

I am thankful for… once again and always…my friend April.

From the kitchen… I steamed artichokes last night…not really sure what I’ll make tonight.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, olive green cotton shirt.

I am creating… I have all 30 blocks of my Denyse Schmidt quilt finished and 20 of them are sewn together (top four rows). I have two more rows to add before the quilt top is complete.

Top four rows all sewn together...have 10 more blocks to sew together into rows.

Top four rows all sewn together…have 10 more blocks to sew together into rows.

I am going… dig through a few more of my craft books and put them up onto ebay.

I am reading… All Roads Lead to Austen: A Year-long Journey with Jane by Amy Smith…still reading this. Up to chapter nine now…am enjoying this read.

I am hoping… that the neighbor who left on Monday morning comes home soon. He left his alarm on so it comes on EVERY MORNING at 3am and doesn’t go off until 4:15am.

I am hearing… the traffic outside. Train going by.

Around the house… the trees are starting to bud out. We set a record high yesterday (77F).

One of my favorite things… Pretty fabric. New music. Old books. Good friends.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Keep on quilting. St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Truckee River in the McCarran Ranch Preserve.

Truckee River in the McCarran Ranch Preserve.

Still working on the Nevada quilt ~

A while ago someone my sister knows asked if I’d make a quilt for her, not being of sound mind, I said yes. 🙂 I lost my mojo on it, but have jumped back into the swing of things.

This is as far as I got when my quilting mojo ran far far far away ~

Parts of the Nevada Quilt…back in April 2012

Let me tell you! It’s been a bugger of a quilt. I threw the pieces up onto the design wall and sat back just staring at it…then sitting on the couch, with Lucy and Luna, pondering how the hell am I going to attach all those together?! All I can say is Thank God quilting and a wash will hide some of my mistakes. 🙂

Piecing the bugger together.

After bouncing off some ideas on my friend’s head, I decided it did indeed need something else up north of the State of Nevada. So I started making wee stars. Will make two grey and one blue. Still need to add some strips here, stars over there…that sort of thing…but am hoping to get the top finished and ready to sandwich by the weekend.


Thursday’s Rambles ~ 1 March 2012

Some fabrics I pulled out of my stash for a 60×60 quilt someone wants me to make them. Just has to be blue and grey with the state of Nevada somewhere on it. I have a design in mind. 🙂 After seeing them in the picture, I’m not sure about the two in the middle of the pack. I’ll have to go pick up a few FQ’s from Windy Moon.


A small project I’m working on using Lauren & Jessi Jung’s Flora fabric…using English paper piecing hexies.


Saw this on the way to work…looks like someone was drunk and didn’t realize that you can’t barrel through two work buildings and go down the hill to the road.


Tuesday’s sunrise with a big ole fog bank….

Today is windy with more snow on the way…just like yesterday.

Last Saturday after driving up to Pyramid Lake we came back home via Wadsworth to 80…just before Reno is Lockwood where we spied a new park. They’ve re-dug the riverbed in that area, un-doing the damage by the Corp of Engineers so many years ago…now the Truckee River flows through lots of meanders. The fishies are a lot happier too.


One of the resident Red-Tail hawks at Rancho San Rafael Park.


We rented a great movie the other night. The Way, an Emilio Estevez movie staring his dad, Martin Sheen. Highly recommend it.


Finished my Sparkle Punch Quilt Along ~ Oh, Fransson!

I joined in on Elizabeth’s (of Oh, Fransson!) quilt along and FINALLY finished a baby sized quilt. It was going to be bigger, but a few other quilts got in the way, and one of them is a paying customer! YEA!

I used reproduction 1930’s fabrics. The longest part was making the wonky part of the stars…the top pieced right fast! Will give it another try later with different fabrics. 🙂