Another Day at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno, Nevada





Another robin. :)

Another robin. 🙂

Japanese Kerria

Japanese Kerria

Flutterby chowing down.

Flutterby chowing down.

Apple blossoms almost spent out.

Apple blossoms almost spent out.

Feral kitty basking in the sun.

Feral kitty basking in the sun.

Don't come any closer, lady!

Don’t come any closer, lady!



Of course I have to add the bee's butt!

Of course I have to add the bee’s butt!

‘The Moving Wall’ Vietnam Memorial ~ Reno, Nevada

Saturday afternoon we went to Rancho San Rafael park in Reno to see the travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall. It will be here until June 21st. There are a group of volunteers that will help you find your family member on the Wall. It is open 24 hours.

THE MOVING WALL is a half-scale replica of Washington DC’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Since 1984, The Moving Wall has toured the country, having installed itself for public viewing at over a thousand towns and cities.

All of my immediate and extended family served in WWII and Korea, so I had no family name on the Wall…but we wanted to visit to honor those that did serve.

The first sight we came upon was a sea of US flags…they represent all of the men and women who have fallen SINCE the Vietnam War.

The Wall ~

Thank you.

Pictorial Musings from WPRR & Ferrari Farms

Having a bad week…so today I’m going to just post some pictures. A few from up in Portola at the WPRR Museum and then some of last Saturday’s walk around Ferrari Farms in Reno.











Wow! It’s May Day ~ Where have the days gone?!

It’s been pretty busy here at work this week (and every week since my coworker moved to a different department and left me to run the office on my own!)…

I wanted so much to call in sick and just lay in bed, wrapped up in my quilts, listening to the rain. But here I am…the ever reliable Michelle…patooey.

No big plans for the weekend…there are a couple of auctions, a book sale put on by the Friends of the Library (5205 Mill St. Reno, NV), yard work (still pulling up part of the front side lawn to put in another garden!), quilting…and I’m going to bake some goodies for the next-door department for helping out so much since I’ve been on my own.

The garden is growing nicely…at least what I’ve planted so far. Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, White Radishes, Radishes, Carrots, Red & Yellow Onions, Garlic, and Heriloom Beets. I’m still wondering if the Horseradish will be making it’s appearance soon. May 16th is the UNCE Master Gardener Plant Sale! Woo HOO!

Some pictures of a few flowers out in the front yard this morning.


My BEAUTIFUL Sensation Lilac is Blooming! Lookie at the varigated flowers…white and purple.



For Today ~ 13 October 2008 ~ Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY … 16 October 2008

Outside My Window…Sunshine and lots of it. Cold! Frost on the car windows.

I am thinking… What a nice Sunday it was…after church we went to the Ferrari Farms just on the other side of the Truckee River from us. Since I have my pumpkins already from my garden I just took my camera. 🙂 Lots of kids (of all ages!) were excitedly picking the perfect pumpkin.

I am thankful for… Same as last time…Cold nights and warm quilts. Rechargable camera batteries. And that my husband has a job for another 3 weeks.

From the kitchen… – Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies. Oven baked chicken with Hot Cabbage Salad and biscuits. The cabbage turned out yummy.

Just fry up 4 pieces of bacon (cut up into bite size pieces) add 1/2 cup chopped onion then when bacon is crisp and onion is cooked add six cups coarse chopped cabbage and 2 TBSP water, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, and lots of black pepper. Stir and cook over med-high heat until cabbage is wilted but still somewhat crunchy. Splash in some Apple Cider Vinegar…I did something like 3-4 TBSP worth. Serve immediately.

I am wearing… Jeans and my Tigger sweatshirt with tennis shoes and hair pulled back into a ponytail.

I am creating… A pinwheel lap quilt to donate.

I am going… …to plan a trip to Apple Hill for apples and to wander around the antique stores in Placerville.

I am reading… The Twilight series ~ half way through the last book.

I am hoping… that the temp job my husband is working will just keep him on through the year.

I am hearing… The Adam Carolla Show via my computer.

Around the house… Winterizing the house.

One of my favorite things… Watching kids picking pumpkins.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Keep working on the quilts. Continue working on the enclosed porch windows. Winterize the garden.

Here is picture thought I’d share with you… Taken at Ferrari Farms yesterday.

Isn’t this the HAPPIEST LOOKING GOAT?! He LOVES the sun!


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Reno Coin Shop to Giveaway 1808 Half Dollar to Child

I saw this in the Reno Gazette Journal yesterday and thought what a cool idea! I love old coins…

Six Correct Answers Enters Child in $150 Coin Giveaway.

A local coin shop plans to giveaway a 200-year-old U.S. half dollar to a child 12 or younger who answers correctly six questions related to the year 1808:

Who was the president of the United States in 1808?
Who won the presidential election in 1808?
How many states were in the Union in 1808?
Which well-known leader of the Confederate States of America was born in 1808?
Who was the emperor of France in 1808?
Which famous Austrian music composer premiered his Fifth Symphony in 1808?


Each child who answers all questions correctly will be part of a random drawing on August 5th to receive what numismatists call an 1808 “Capped Bust” half dollar minted in Philadelphia. It’s estimated value is $150. The deadline to enter is July 25th, and one entry is allowed per person.

Entries can be mailed to or dropped off at Southgate Coins, 5032 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502.
Details: or 775-322-4455.