Lunch at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno ~ Pictures

My sister received her teleconverter lens in the mail yesterday so we packed our lunches for today and took our cameras over to the park – Rancho San Rafael Park. I haven’t seen her pics yet, but here are a few of mine just using the regular lens on the Canon S2-IS. Beautiful day today at the arboretum ~ lots of baby robins, posing cottontail bunnies, bees loaded with pollen and a huge amount of children all over the place.

Birds, Birds, and more Birdies

Had a few ideas rattling around in my head ~ but settled on birds.  Was thinking soon it will be time to go up to Honey Lake, CA area to watch all the migrating birds.  Also remembered I have to stop off at Raleys to buy a big bag of unsalted peanuts for the scrub jays.  Almost out of goobers…it’s not a pretty sight when I get low on goobers.

Scrub Jay in Sparks, NV scrub jay 2 Picking a Goober Too Many Goobers! Got me a Goober! Rufus, the Bird Watcher

Baby Quail in our yard last summer ~

Canada Geese babies from work ~
canada geese

I’m looking forward to migration season ~ will have my batteries charged and ready to go take pictures! Hope you enjoy the pictures.