Wooden Cylinder Butter Churn ~ Rummage Sale Find

After buying my garden vegetables at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant Sale, I went home and waited for my husband to get out of bed so we could go to yard sales. I noticed a whole bunch of them while taking my mom home.

These are my finds from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church rummage sale and the Sierra Royal Community yard sale, both in Sparks, NV.

Is this cool or what? Especially for $1 ~ The inside paddles are still intact and the handle turns the paddles. It’s missing a few wooden spoke thingies (? LOL!) top lid, and one leg/rest. It will look good outside. I may spray it with a wood sealer.



Found a 1940’s Scovil Hoe that was made in Japan. Trying to find a handle…but everything is too small. Even the post hole handles.



Also found a few books ~ one published the same date as when my house was built, 1915. The other in 1946.