Monday Rambles ~ seeds, quilting, frozen raindrops

This winter has been a doozy, I usually don’t get tired of winter, as I like the cold…I just like it cold and sunny, not cold and grey. Yesterday the sun was out most of the day…it played hide-n-seek with some clouds…and when it WAS out, it was warm.

My gardening hands have been twitching to play in the dirt! LOL! But the ground is still pretty frozen, so I played with some starter plant mix, peat pots and seeds. I took out my seed starter box from the shed and planted some onions, leeks, corn, pickling cucs, four different types of heirloom maters, and a mix of salsa peppers & Serranos.

It rained Saturday night and Sunday morning, while feeding the birds, I saw frozen water drops on the clothes line.

I finished my Mystery Quilt…am binding it now. Here’s the back of it…pre sandwich and quilting.

DA CHICKEN IS MINE! MINE I SAY! And she’s quite happy in my fabric hutch…THANK YOU, DONNA!

Hopefully she makes more so I can buy a few to add to the roost. 🙂 You can find Donna over HERE….she’s a crochet fiend. One of these days we’ll get her to quilt. Do you hear me Donna? ONE OF THESE DAYS! 😉

Another one of my books from the Crafters Choice book club came in the mail…Back To Basics ~ Traditional Kitchen Wisdom. I have the Back to Basics book, but this one pulls all of the gardening and kitchen topics into one place.

My Haul from the Annual Master Gardener Plant Sale ~ May 2009

Saturday morning I was up and out of the house by 5:45, picked up my mom and was standing in line at UNCE’s parking lot by 6:15 am. There were only 4 people in front of us…while waiting we had a great chat with one of the Master Gardener’s, Rachael. She’s been in charge of the greenhouse on Valley Road for the last six years.

Tomatoes seem to be the one thing that everyone races for…some people were down-right rude. Big sigh. But I got my ‘maters, and more, without hitting someone over the head with my box. 🙂

All my wee babies are out on the back patio hardening themselves…as they were just taken from the greenhouse on Friday. I’ll plant them by this coming Saturday, if not a bit sooner.




Plants that I bought:

2 Homemade Pickles Cucumber
1 Spacemaster Cucumber
1 Lemon Cucumber
2 Hungarian Stuffing Peppers
1 Acorn Squash
1 Serrano Pepper
1 Delicata Squash
2 Jalapeno Peppers
2 Chamomile, German
4 Tomatillo Heirloom
1 Greek Oregano
2 Brandywine Heirloom Tomato
1 Silvery Fir Tree Heirloom Tomato
2 Red Siberian Heirloom Tomato
1 Sage
1 Parsley
1 Rosemary
1 Fennel Bronze
1 Feverfew
2 American Legion Poppy

Those will be added to the broccoli, cabbage, brussels spouts, beets, carrots, radishes, garlic, red & yellow onions, grey squash, hearts of gold cantaloupe, dill, rosemary, lemon thyme, thyme, sweet basil, oregano, Italian parsley that are already planted.

Still needed are bush bean, sweet white corn, and pumpkin seeds.

****** UPDATE: ******I forgot to add that Rachael said they get a lot of their seeds from Botanical Interests, Inc. in Colorado. They’re great seeds for our altitude here in Northern Nevada.